Culture Wars

April 5, 2015

There has been an uproar regarding a religious freedom law proposed by the Governor of Indiana, and now being re-crafted. Initially, it was simply a duplicate of the 1993 federal law which prohibits discrimination for any reason. For example, a professional photographer who refuses to photograph a gay “wedding” on religious grounds can be sued. This law provides the opportunity for the religious person to have their case heard before a judge.

However, groups like the NAACP and gay rights activists are beside themselves with indignation. They compare a believer’s refusal to participate in a gay wedding with racism in the 60’s. The firestorm has probably ruined the chance for IN Governor Mike Pence to be in the 2016 presidential race.  Dorothy Rabinowitz, an outspoken writer at the Wall Street Journal said, “Truth doesn’t matter [to these activists]. I’m surprised they didn’t put Mike Pence in the stocks!”

Why this matters: We still have religious freedoms in this country. The way we act towards homosexuals is important. We need to love sinners while hating their sin. Timing is everything. Knowing when to speak and how matters because people are more touchy than ever before.

How to pray: Ask God how to speak a word in due season for those in the homosexual lifestyle. Let’s pray that for those who will  face costly decisions in order to follow God. And for ourselves, that we would embody Ps. 85: 10 in how we treat all people. It reads: Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.


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