Will U.S. Uranium End up in Iran’s Nuclear Arsenal?

New information ties the Clinton Foundation’s receipt of donated funds to the sale of Uranium to Russia.

The Russians now control 1/5 of the uranium production in the U.S. through a deal that was signed by Mrs. Clinton and other U.S. officials when she served as Secretary of State. The Russians supply uranium to Iran; uranium is vital to the construction of nuclear weapons.

Why this Matters: At this point, the connection Mrs. Clinton and allegations of millions of dollars going to the Clinton Foundation by foreign entities have not been proved. However, it doesn’t look good for the Clinton family.  Various governments that are connected to the Russians have either donated millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation, or paid former President Bill Clinton amounts as high as $500,000 for a speech. No one is that good a public speaker! The donations may have been used to purchase favors from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

How to Pray: Pray that the truth would be discovered so that further “deals” with Russia or any other country can be more closely scrutinized as a matter of protocol. Pray that the truth can be exposed without needless accusations and political mud-slinging.


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