What is her crime?

pam gellerIf you were listening to the mainstream media last week, you would recognize this woman as the definition of irresponsibility. Blogger Pam Geller sponsored an art contest in Garland, TX, where contestants were asked to draw pictures of the Prophet Muhammad. During the event, a security guard was wounded by two men who were probably affiliated with ISIS. The guard fired back and killed the two men.

Was Ms. Geller playing with fire, knowing Islam prohibits the drawing of anyone, especially their prophet? Or was  she simply exercising her freedom?

Ms. Geller became a villain for many, accused  of unnecessarily provoking the jihadists. The attack ended in the deaths of the terrorists, but it could have ended in mass casualties had the terrorists been successful.

Do Americans who “Provoke” jihadists Bear Responsibility for their Deaths?

The accusations in the media argue range from poor judgment to massive irresponsibility, saying there are many other ways to spotlight the dangers of Islamic extremism in the U.S. without endangering lives. Others say Americans have the right to speak offensively, and the outcry against Ms. Geller is reminiscent to blaming activists for injustice during the civil rights upheaval in the 60’s.

True believers in Christ would weigh the wisdom of such a contest, because freedom of speech without the leading of God can be used by the enemy to create all kinds of evil. However, out of fear of offending Muslims, or “respect” for their religion, do we to stop spreading the good news? After all, our gospel says that Jesus is the only way to the Father.

If we give in to this type of thinking, it won’t stop the problems. Our religious liberty is at risk. There are politically correct Bibles now being published so as to not offend sinners. How long before our beloved King James version is openly branded as hate speech?



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