When Tolerance is Intolerant

When Tolerance is Intolerant

There is a new flavor of compromise in Sweden that won’t tolerate Christian beliefs. Medical professionals can no longer be openly pro-life and must lay aside their convictions to keep their jobs.

Sweden’s National Coordinator Against Violent Extremism linked pro-life views with ISIS, claiming both are populated by extremists, with pro-life medical practitioners being on a slightly different level. Swedish courts will now decide if midwives can hold to their anti-abortion conviction and keep their jobs. (From a National Review article by Jacob Rudolffson)

The next question becomes, How fast will this intolerance spread to Sweden’s Nordic neighbors and then onto the European continent? How long before the radical leftists in the U.S. will be demanding the same on American soil? We were promised that things would get hard in the last days. They will be especially hard for the protectors of life.


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