Does our President Understand what’s at Stake?

ISSI flagIt’s been four years since the death of Usama Bin Laden. During the raid of his compound, 1.5 million documents were seized by U.S. forces. Recently, 121 documents were declassified and released, revealing stunning facts connecting Iranian leadership to Al Qaeda.

This is not news to President Obama, who has known this yet continues to push for a nuclear deal with Iran. Here are four facts he seems to be ignoring:

#1 – Iran’s Relationship with Al Qaeda.
According to Mike Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Iranians were supporting or enabling Bin Laden/Al Qaeda operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

#2 – Iran’s Continued Vocal Refusal to Cooperate in a Deal.
Wednesday, Iran’s Supreme leader again ruled out inspections of their military sites as a condition for the lifting of economic sanctions. The Ayatollah gave a public speech, railing against the U.S. and saying Iran would never allow the inspections.

#3 – Iran’s Relationship with North Korea (and Russia)
North Korea has announced it is about to have technology that will enable it to hit the U.S. with a ballistic missile armed with a miniature nuclear warhead. North Korea is known to share all their technology with Iran. Russia recently announced sales of a missile defense system to Iran.

#4 – Gulf States’ Opposition to Iran.
Saudi Arabia has been asking for help in Yemen, as they battle Iran-backed Houthi rebels. The White House has not been willing to commit much if any sort of help for our allies.

Why this Matters: On Wednesday, Palmyra, Syria fell to ISIS. The President is still in either denial or passivity and has made no plans to develop a strategy for dealing with Iran, supporting our allies, or defeating ISIS and Al Qaeda. He has recently said that climate change is the most serious security threat today. Unbelievable!

How to Pray: For Al Qaeda and Iran’s leadership: ask God to let them reap what they sow–and the pits they dig for others, they will fall into themselves. Thank Him that He preserves the righteous. Ask God to stir up the hearts and minds of all Americans that they would be moved to repent according to 2 Chron. 7:14.

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