Mysterious Wars and our Place in History

War is Hell VietnamThis photo is from the Vietnam War, when so many Americans hated the idea of the war and dumped their anger and wrath on our soldiers. Imagine being right out of high school, drafted, and sent into the jungle! It wasn’t your idea or your war. You fought and maybe died for people who hated you–and for those who supported you. I don’t know whether this solider survived the war or not. Is he a father and a grandfather? Does he suffer today from PTSD or the affects of agent orange?

Whatever the outcome for this soldier in particular, I agree with his message–war is hell–with a little “h.”

I grew up during the Vietnam War and never really understood it–like being dropped into a theater smack in the middle of a movie, not knowing the characters or the plot. Do you ever feel like that about current conflicts, or the headlines, or politics? Each of us “lands” somewhere in history and it’s always in the middle of a story. We must all make time to find out where we’ve landed.

In the 60‘s and 70‘s, my father-in-law and WWII veteran, Daniel E. Colley worked at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida. He helped put together a unique helicopter that was used in Vietnam for night missions to find U.S. soldiers and rescue them. It was the first helicopter equipped with infrared technology so the pilot could see the ground below him and find our guys. “Pop” was on a team given the task of putting this chopper together from the wreckage of two other helicopters. There was no budget, so they salvaged what they could and fashioned the rest into what became the Pave Low helicopter. Many of our soldiers were saved because of this important aircraft, and Pave Lows are still flying today in a more advanced version.

God says this is our generation and every generation has a job to do. We should know what went on before us, so we can do our part to help form what will be left after us. We need to know what’s written in the Bible and be doers not just hearers. It’s our instruction in righteousness. God’s intent is that we know who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going. Remember, we are on the winning side!

For scarcely for a righteous man will one die: yet peradventure for a good man some would even dare to die. But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Romans 5:7-8

Thank you, U.S. military, we honor you and pray for you.


  1. Cathie Becker says:

    Hi Lori,
    I watch and pray with you on your YouTube channel. I also watch X22 Report, Redpill78 and IPOT daily. I love our beloved President and the Q movement.
    However, I felt the need to comment on your recent reporting on the outcome of the E. Gallagher case.
    I live in the San Diego area and personally know one of the SEALS under Gallagher’s command in Mosul. Gallagher must know people in very high places for his court martial to have been halted, followed by an ‘acquittal’. The captured ISIS terrorist was a teenage boy. Gallagher ordered several of his men to hold him down and, without warning, Gallagher pulled out a knife and slashed his throat. He then decapitated the kid and had some of his buddies take pictures of him holding his ‘trophy’ head. On many other occasions he ordered his men to shoot civilians.
    Gallagher was not threatened pre-trial. He was in lockup. Those who were scheduled to testify (including the Seal I know) WERE threatened, and spent months in fear. Many of these Seals are not re-upping. The behavior of this man was of someone who had ‘snapped’. He should have been relieved of command to get help. What a waste of the training, talent and commitment for the several Seals who now want out, due to the handling of this case.
    I sincerely believe that President Trump has been provided with bad information regarding E. Gallagher. He may have been a credit to the Seal team for many years but at some point or another the hell of combat got to him. Before returning from Mosul, he bragged that he became a Seal, not for love of country, but because he enjoyed ‘the kill’.
    I’ve been trying to surmise the reasoning behind why Gallagher was not held accountable for what he did and what he forced his men to do. Perhaps it’s to prevent the Left from using his behavior to disparage President Trump and his deep respect for the military. I have shared only a fraction of what Gallagher did. Those under his command continue to live in fear of his possible revenge as well as their own nightmares of what they were made to do and witnessed. Please believe me when I say that it’s much worse than what’s been reported in the news.
    Thank you for the excellent work that you do, for the Bible passages and your heartfelt, well-phrased prayers.


  2. Lennie Taclof says:

    When I was 15I should have been thinking about girls, but I was worried about going to Vietnam. There were a few kids a little older than me that I grew up with in the neighborhood that went. Some came home some didn’t. Anyway at 17 I couldn’t buy a beer or vote but I could go to Vietnam and kill people I didn’t know or why really outside of why they said we were there.
    Anyway, Lori where are you?


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