Chimpanzees Getting Same Protection as Humans?

chimpA court in New York is hearing arguments that two chimps, housed at a research facility, are being held against their will. The lawyers for the chimps want them sent to a sanctuary in Florida because although they aren’t humans, they are “designated persons” who can remember the past and plan ahead for the future. And, “imprisoning them is at least as bad, or possibly worse, than imprisoning a human.”

This is only the beginning. If successful here, animal rights activists will work to extend benefits for dolphins, whales and other animals. Recent history shows how far that line of thinking can take us. After all, California is iin a critical water shortage in part because of animal rights activists on a mission to save a two-inch fish. What could have nourished the crops that feed the whole country has been diverted to the ocean.

Why this Matters: The writ of habeas corpus–unlawful detention and imprisonment, a protected right under the constitution–is being argued for these chimps. A righteous man regards the life of his beast (Prov. 12:10), and although it is incumbent upon man to care for his animals and we are to rule the earth and be good stewards of creation, this is ridiculous! Can you imagine the can of worms being opened here if the court rules in favor of these chimps? We’ll have untold millions of taxpayer dollars spent investigating the lives of everything that roams the earth to determine their rights and their will. After that, the courts will be kept busy as the ramifications are sorted out. If this court rules in favor of the chimps (actually, of their lawyers), there will be no end to the insanity.

Let’s ask our Father to stop this thing right now with this judge and this ruling. Social pressure has worked in the past to stop unrighteous treatment of animals. It will work again without the help of the courts and without man rearranging God’s order in creation.


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