Iraq, Iran and ISIS: Where We are Today

President-Obama“We won’t rest until ISIS is degraded and defeated,” — President Obama

Iraqis continue losing territory.

As Americans ponder the nightly news stories of threats to our national security–both from inside our country and from without–we might be tempted to believe there will be something we can do to end terrorism. Our president says the goal is to defeat and degrade ISIS, and the debates abound on how that should be done, or if it’s even possible.

The unstable governments of four countries in Africa and the Middle East have helped create the environment for the growth and spread of radical Islam. They are Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. The Bible speaks of kingdom rising against kingdom in the last days, and these are perfect examples with Sunni vs. Shia conflicts and other extremists vying for control of the region. Neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates have much at stake. Are they willing to fight for their future? The President has said the U.S. will come alongside them, but can only amplify their efforts.

The worst offender in the region is Iran.

Investigators have revealed that Iran’s stockpile of nuclear fuel increased by 20 percent over the past 18 months. A nuclear “deal” is still being negotiated. There is a lot of doubt as to whether anything can be accomplished as the deadline of June 30 draws closer. Iran is currently holding three Americans hostage. So far, there is no provision in the deal to release them.

The world wonders what to do about ISIS.

Several countries are meeting in Paris to discuss the ISIS threat. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was with them by phone. He is in a hospital, recovering from a broken leg. The Prime Minister of Iraq is asking for more help to defeat ISIS. Following the military surge in Iraq during the administration of President George W. Bush, Iraq was mostly a stable country. When U.S. military pulled out of Iraq, they left weapons and equipment behind for Iraqi troops to use in their fight against ISIS. Today, those same items are being used by ISIS against the Iraqis, who cut and ran in terror. ISIS now has those arms and the U.S.-led airstrikes are actually destroying them!

The Iraqi President reported what ISIS is now using against them:

  • 2,300 Humvees when Mosul fell in 2014
  • 40 battle tanks
  • 74,000 machine guns
  • 52 Howitzer mobile gun systems.

U.S. airstrikes have already taken out 77 tanks and 288 Humvees, which are impenetrable “bombs on wheels.” There are plans to send new weaponry to re-arm the Iraqi fighters. Our deputy secretary of state reports that U.S.-led airstrikes have killed 10,000 ISIS fighters in Iraq and Syria in the past nine months, and currently, the U.S. is delivering 1,000 anti-tank weapons to the Iraqi government.

How to Pray: There is still no substantive plan for dealing with ISIS and the continuing loss of territory in Iraq. Pray for a sound U.S. policy. Pray that the Christians in the area can escape and that God would remind them of His promise that He will never leave us or forsake us. Ask God to give President Obama and his advisers wisdom in the negotiations with Iran. Ask that American hostages be released soon!


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