Bobby Jindal Joins the Race

Bobby Jindal (R), Governor of LA,announced his candidacy for president on Wednesday. Born in 1971, Jindal is the son of immigrants from India. He served in the U.S. House of Representatives for two terms and as governor of LA for two terms. Jindal is a Roman Catholic.

Here are some of the highlights of his speech:

“I will never lead from behind. And to those who say I talk about my faith too much, I will not be silenced.”

“Christianity is under assault today in America. You can be both intellectual and Christian; both smart and conservative. Millions of Americans believe in God and are not ashamed to say so.”

“The U.S. didn’t create religious liberty; religious liberty created the U.S.

It is not unreasonable to demand legal immigration, tell them to embrace our values, learn English, roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

Jindal contrasted his views with those of Hillary Clinton, calling Clinton the divider and saying that like Obama, she would be leading the country down the path to destruction internationally, economically, and culturally into European-style socialism. Jindal says he is not like Jeb Bush, who thinks we should hide conservative values; instead we must boldly speak the truth without fear.

Jindal’s platform includes:

  • Securing the border
  • Growing private sector economy and shrinking the size, scope and cost of government
  • Replacing Obamacare with a program that would reduce costs and restore freedom
  • Building our defenses, restoring our standing on the world stage and destroying ISIS
  • Providing school choice and getting rid of Common Core educational standards
  • Protecting the unborn

Jindal said we need to provide equality of opportunity not equality of outcome to our citizens. Regarding international relationships:

“Our allies need to trust and our enemies need to fear us. It’s time we play to win again.”


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