Pray Congress Votes NO on Iran Deal

Top Iranian General Violates Travel Ban


Iranian General Qassem Soleimani traveled to Russia last month and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to conduct a weapons deal. This is despite the fact that Soleimani was under a travel ban.

According to two separate intelligence sources, Soleimani returned to Iran just three days before U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee. Kerry said that Iran was keeping an eye on this particular general, and that Soleimani would never be relieved of any sanctions.

Soleimani is blamed for the deaths of 500 Americans in Iraq, and he is behind the failed 2011 attempt to kill a Saudi ambassador visiting Washington, D.C.

U.S. Army General Jack Keane (ret.) was interviewed on Fox, saying Soleimani travels at will, and he is more important to the Supreme Leader of Iran than the President. Soleimani is in charge of bringing to fruition the Supreme Leader’s plan for total domination of the region.

Why this Matters: The White House will not confirm or deny this report of Soleimani’s visit to Russia. This exemplifies the reason Iran cannot be trusted. Since the lifting of economic sanctions, the Iranians now have cash to buy weapons. With the sale of weapons to Iran, Putin is violating the terms of the deal while the U.S. leadership position is weakened.

Key Democrat Says He will Oppose Iran Nuke Deal

11bf5598-ca04-400e-9625-00e9f104d6c8Charles Schumer (D-NY), a leading Democrat in the House, came out against the Iran nuclear deal. He is a prominent Jewish voice in Congress and the next Democrat in line to lead the Senate. The top two Democrats on the House Foreign Affairs Committee have also come out against the deal, which gives Congress bi-partisan opposition.

Why this Matters: The nuke deal is bad for the world and especially bad for Israel. Iran seems to get all the goodies, while giving up almost nothing in return. Iran cannot be trusted.

How to Pray: Ask our Father to continue raising up opposition to this deal. Pray for a two-thirds majority, which is necessary to make it veto-proof.


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