Trouble in Turkey

unnamed (1)Two female shooters attacked the U.S. consulate in Istanbul on Monday. One was detained, the other is being sought by authorities. No one was hurt.
In another attack, at least six Turkish security officials were killed at the Syrian border by ISIS and the PKK, a Kurdish militant group.
Hundreds of Syrian refugees are waiting at the border, trying to cross into Turkey to flee the fighting between ISIS and another Kurdish military group, the YPG.
Keeping up with who is battling whom in this area of the Middle East takes effort. Not only are there several groups in the fight, but there is no clear line between sides–nor is there a clear line between ideologies. This area continues to be troublesome and adds to the instability of the region. Below is a summary of who is who and some facts about each group.
Who are the groups battling ISIS?
Kurds – live in southeast Turkey, western Iran, northern Iraq, and northern Syria. They are descendants of the Hurrians and the Medes. Currently numbering 30 million, they are called the “largest ethnic group in the world without a homeland,” and have been fighting the Turks for 30 years. The Kurds control all but 68 miles of Turkey’s 560-mile border with Syria. They are 10-25% of Turkey’s population.
Peshmerga – live in Iraqi Kurdistan and have aided in capturing Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden’s messenger. The Peshmerga are waging all-out war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and have been praised in the U.S. for their success.
PKK – Kurdistan Worker’s Party – considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. The PKK is Marxist and has fought to gain self-determination for the Kurds in Turkey. The PKK is fighting against ISIS in Rojava and Iraqi Kurdistan.
YPG – Armed services Kurdish group that also recruits Arabs and westerners. A Syrian affiliate of the PKK, YPG was formed to protect Kurdish areas, has become a major oTwo YPG fighterspponent of ISIS. YPG has enabled U.S. warplanes to strike ISIS in Syria.
Turkey – the Turks have just recently agreed to join the fight against ISIS. They have allowed the U.S. to set up a base at Incirlik to give our warplanes easier access to conduct airstrikes against ISIS– yet at the same time, they Turks are still striking the PKK.
Why this Matters: Some say the two PKK militants who hit the U.S. Consulate did so as a reaction to the new status between the U.S. and Turkey. One Kurdish fighter said, “If the Turks bomb the PKK, they’re in effect helping ISIS.” 
How to Pray: For wisdom and for our military leaders and politicians to hear God for his direction wherever U.S. interest and troops are concerned.

(Psa 27:11) Teach me thy way, O LORD, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies.

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