Let’s not be too quick to take in refugees

Wise Thoughts from Former UN Secretary John Bolton

John Bolton, our UN Ambassador under George W. Bush had some good thoughts on the wave of migrants fleeing civil war in Syria and other terrorist hotspots in the Middle East and Africa. Here are things he cited when interviewed on Fox News that will help shed some more light on the situation:

  • President Obama claimed years ago there is a “red line” that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could not cross: the movement or use of chemical weapons. Assad did both, using chemical weapons against his own people. Obama has not changed his approach, even though the red line was crossed.
  • ISIS is determined to set up a caliphate, persecute minorities, and impose its will in the Middle East. ISIS used the war to advance their control.
  • President Obama has said he would degrade and ultimately destroy ISIS. He has not done this.
  • Standard Refugee Doctrine, which has been used during other refugee crises, has a preferred response: temporarily house refugees and provide aid in a nearby country until they can be repatriated (returned to their own country.)
  • Turkey, the preferred country to provide asylum to the Syrian refugees, has allowed them access to Europe. Turkey’s lack of control means there is no way to manage where these people go and where they end up.
  • Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany would welcome 800,000 refugees permanently.

Why this Matters: When the European Union was formed, the need for documentation when traveling between countries was eliminated. Once a person gets into Europe, they can travel freely. Many European countries are social democracies, such as Denmark and Finland, which means they offer deep and wide social services to their citizens. This is very attractive to refugees. Germany and Britain are two countries who have publicly announced their willingness to absorb the refugees, but Hungary and others are trying to keep them out. The loss of internal borders makes this impossible.

Now, add to this the new report: ISIS has recruited 2,000 to 3,000 of these refugees to join their ranks. Once these new ISIS jihadists get into Europe, will anyone be safe? How soon will they gain access to the U.S.? Some Republican presidential candidates have said the U.S. needs to help by absorbing some of these refugees. We cannot keep out illegals as it is, our border is porous and we already have an immigrant problem. Is taking in more people who need help really what the U.S. should do? Wouldn’t it be wise to provide monetary aid instead,while improving our border security and protecting and caring for our own citizens?

How to Pray: For our intelligence community and our military to hear from God on how to step up our security. Pray for our leaders to put this country first before trying to take on the problems of others. May God protect us from our enemies.

Isa 59:19b KJV – When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.



  1. Christine Haavik says:

    In the intro. to Proverbs in Henry Morris study Bible: there are noted to be 17 lessons
    ( huhh!!) which begin “my son” or “ye children” : 1:8, 10, 15; 2:1; 3:1,11,21; 4:1,10,20; 5:1,7; 6:1,20; 7:1,24; 8:32 ( all between 1:8 and 9:18 )
    I did not see another easy way to contact you and thought you would enjoy this. God bless you!


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