In Israel, Wave of Terror Continues

Israeli TerrorIsraeli police began erecting a wall in east Jerusalem on Sunday to protect a Jewish neighborhood from Palestinian attacks. The wall will separate the two communities and in effect, divide Jerusalem. The death toll from the recent wave of violence is 42 Palestinians and seven Israelis. There are fears that this is the start of a full-blown Palestinian uprising.

Israelis have the duty to protect sites in Jerusalem that are holy to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Much of the violence has taken place within Jerusalem, including a fire last week at Joseph’s tomb. Palestinians call their violence “legitimate resistance” for what they see as the unjust occupation of their land by Israel–perceiving themselves as victims who must retaliate.

The latest form of retaliation is knife attacks on random Jewish victims. The perpetrators of these acts are often young teenagers–both boys and girls. There are two goals given by Palestinians. The first is that Israel withdraws to the territory held before the Six-Day-War in 1967, before the “illegal occupation.” This is called the two-state solution. Less moderate factions want Israel to disappear from the map entirely, in what is called a one-state solution.

The Palestinians were recently welcomed into the UN, but as a non-member.


Bus Station Attack in Beersheba, Israel

An Israeli bus station was the site of an attack when an Arab shot and killed an Israeli solider with a pistol. The Arab then took the fallen soldier’s assault rifle to shoot several other people. In the confusion, a security guard opened fire on another man, thinking he was also a terrorist. The man was from Eritrea, seeking asylum in Israeli. His was killed by mistake.

Why this Matters: Roadblocks and walls have been set up by Israeli law enforcement throughout Israel and in Jerusalem in light of this recent wave of terror. The restrictions are angering to Palestinians. They view the checkpoints and obstructions as a form of collective punishment. One man said these protocols don’t prevent attacks or lead to peace, but produce extremism instead.

Father, we ask for peace in Israel and continued strength and wisdom for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Al-Aqsa MosquePalestinians believe Israel may intend to take over the Al-Aqsa 

Mosque and the Temple Mount, and have plans to limit Muslim access. Currently, Jews can visit the Temple Mount, but have agreed not to pray there. Attempts by Jews to pray have triggered clashes, so Prime Minister Netanyahu has asked Jewish leaders not to visit at this time. The rumors of the take-over are posted on media outlets controlled by Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority, led by Mahmoud Abbas.

Why this Matters: Most Palestinians deny Jewish ties to the Temple Mount–some saying there is no Jewish connection to the land of Israel prior to the Jewish invasion in the 1880s. However, the Bible documents the history of Israel through the Jews. Prayers for a return to Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the Temple have been uttered by Jews since the second Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70. The Mosque wasn’t build until around A.D. 709.

Father, we pray for Your plan to be executed in Israel. Give the Jews and the Arabs a hunger for the true Savior. Make ready the people who will share the good news of Jesus Christ. Comfort those who mourn and punish the wicked. 


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