Turkey Re-Elects Erdogan

ErdoganRecep Tayyip Erdogan’s victory in Turkey’s presidential election was celebrated by terrorist organization Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Erdogan’s ruling Sunni Islamist party, AKP, is known for arresting journalists, targeting Jews and women, and fighting the Kurds. Although theJune 7th vote was against him, he was able to overturn it and keep his parliamentary majority. The new vote last week returned him to full power.

Since then, two terror attacks took place, one near the Syrian border and the other in the capitol of Ankara that left 130 people dead. Most were Kurds. Militant Kurds (PKK) have returned violence and killed two Turkish policemen.

Erdogan did not receive enough votes to immediately revamp Turkey’s constitution, one of his party’s goals. He also wants to establish an executive system of government, with him at the helm. Some analysts say Erdogan caused chaos in his country so the people would see his re-election as peace and stability.

The Kurdish-dominated HDP party was also victorious in the election. They garnered enough votes to enter parliament. With that victory, they may be able to stop Erdogan from changing the constitution and the form of presidency.

Why this Matters: Turkey is following the path of intolerant authoritarianism that tries to look like a democracy, but is far from it. Turkey is not considered an ally of Israel and is an unreliable “ally” of the U.S.

How to Pray: May there be peace in Turkey, and no ambition to pursue evil towards Israel. Father, keep Erdogan busy with reconciliation in his own nation and cooperation with the U.S. in our efforts against ISIS.

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