The Farook Brothers: One a U.S. Veteran, One a Terrorist Killer

shooting victimsSayed Rizwan Farook was an environmental inspector with the county health department in San Bernardino, CA. He carried out the December 2 shootings, which left 14 people dead and 21 injured. His wife Tashfeen helped with the killings. It is believed Tashfeen was radicalized overseas, and may have immigrated to the U.S. as an “operative,” but Sayed started the radicalization process here. After finishing high school, he traded his blue jeans for Muslim garb and grew a long beard. In 2014, he traveled to Saudi Arabia for a religious pilgrimage and met up with Tashfeen. They leave behind a six-month old child.
          Sayed’s brother Sayed Raheel Farook is a hero. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy and received two medals recognizing his contributions to the global war on terror. Naval records show Raheel went to boot camp in Illinois and was later assigned to serve on the USS Enterprise as an information system technician. Since the shootings and Rizwan’s death, Raheel is said to be very depressed and broken with grief.
          Their mother filed for divorce in 2006, citing domestic abuse and that her husband was mentally ill. Sayed’s father has now been added to the terror watch list. The probe into the terror couple’s finances and relationships with radical networks in the U.S. and abroad is ongoing.

Why this Matters: The media seems obsessed with the reasons someone would commit such evil. They seem unwilling to believe there is a form of Islam that calls for jihad. Even if we can stop radicals from coming into the U.S., that doesn’t mean they won’t change once they’re here. The Farook brothers were born in the U.S. Congress will soon vote on the Omnibus Spending Bill that funds the program that President Obama will use to allow 45,000 immigrant from all over the world to enter the U.S. There is no proper, workable vetting process is place. If there was, it would at least have stopped Tashfeen Malik from entering the U.S., and possibly would have prevented the killings.

How to Pray: Father, we ask for safeguards to be in place before we open our country to more immigrants. Help the legislators find and implement protocols that will work for our good. Also equip our intelligence services to find those who are planning to commit evil. Thank You for the good work they have done so far, and give them insights that will help them get even more proficient at finding these people before they are able to act.
(Pro 29:25) The fear of man bringeth a snare: 
but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

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