GOP Candidate’s Immigration Grades

Judy Schulz, Richard Schulz

The group Numbers USA offers an assessment of the candidates based on their stance on immigration. These are the issues that affect Americans’ jobs and wages.

Overall: Cruz A, Trump A-, Carson B+, Bush C-, Kasich D, Rubio D

Prevent illegal border entries/surges –
Excellent – Cruz
Very Good – Trump, Carson, Bush
Good – Kasich
Unhelpful – Rubio

Implement Interior Enforcement
Excellent – Cruz, Trump
Good: Carson, Bush, Kasich, Rubio

Finish entry/exit system to track visa overstays
Very Good – Cruz, Trump, Carson, Bush
Good – Rubio
No Action – Kasich

End automatic birthright citizenship
Excellent – Cruz, Trump, Carson
Very harmful – Bush, Rubio
Abysmal – Kasich

Oppose work permits for illegals
Excellent – Cruz
1st steps – Trump
Very Harmful – Carson, Rubio
Abysmal – Bush, Kasich

E-Verify Plus – Impose a mandate and punish businesses in violation
Very Good – Trump, Carson, Bush
Good – Cruz, Rubio
No Action – Kasich

Support overall reduction in annual immigration
Mixed – Cruz
Good – Trump
1st Steps – Carson, Kasich
Very Harmful – Bush
Abysmal – Rubio

Protect against unfair work/visa competition
Excellent – Trump
Very Good – Cruz
Good – Carson
Harmful – Kasich
Very harmful – Bush
Abysmal – Rubio

End visa lottery
Excellent – Cruz
Good – Bush, Kasich
No Action – Trump, Carson
1st Steps – Rubio

For more information, visit Numbers USA

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