Help Senators Stop Obama’s Nominee


President Obama is making his decision now on who he will nominate to fill Justice Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. It is up to the conservatives in the Senate to stop the nomination process at the earliest stage.

The process goes like this: the Senate Judiciary Committee will review the nominee and then present that person to the full Senate for a confirmation vote. There is tremendous pressure right now on the committee to approve and “allow the process to go forward.” There is no need for them to do this. Consider:

  • The Senate has denied 36 out of 160 nominees
  • 25 nominees never made it past the Judiciary Committee
  • It has been more than 76 years since a justice was confirmed during an election year
  • 60 times since 1900 the Court has functioned without one justice

Now, the media and the administration are criticizing the Republicans for not agreeing to vote on a nominee. This is interesting since Sen. Obama tried to block Justice Sam Alito in 2006, and and Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer argued against all of G. W. Bush’s nominees 19 months before the next president was inaugurated. The American people are in the process of voting to elect a new president. The selection of a Supreme Court Justice should be reflective of that choice.

The Republican Senators on the Judiciary Committee are: Chuck Grassley (IA), Orrin Hatch (UT), Jeff Sessions (AL), Lindsey Graham (SC), John Cornyn (TX), Mike Lee (UT), Ted Cruz (TX), Jeff Flake (AZ), David Vitter (LA), David Perdue (GA), Thom Tillis (NC)

Call to Action: Contact these Republican Senators and tell them, “No hearings, no votes” on the Supreme Court vacancy. (Tweet #NoHearingsNoVotes). Thank them for supporting conservative principles.

Congress is also working on a new budget for 2016. It includes $30 billion in extra spending. This is not the time to approve a bad budget–even when there are promises that spending cuts will happen later, in the appropriations process. We know from past experience those promises fall flat. There is no down side with a “no” vote, because important spending such as Defense, can be funded through an appropriations bill.

Call to Action: Tell your Senators and Congressman/woman to vote “no” on the budget. Your contact will be particularly important in the next 24 hours. Use and to email or find the phone number for your particular members of Congress.

Father, hear our cry for godliness in the highest court of our land. Block the President’s nominee. We are asking for mercy to slow and even stop the liberal-left-progressive march of our nation and culture. We are grieved in our souls and we beseech You for relief. Also, guide conservatives as they consider voting on the budget. Thank You for hearing our cries and answering our prayers.

Psalm 71:4 – Deliver me, O my God,
out of the hand of the wicked, out of the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.

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