Who Will You Vote For?

CNN_Debate_SummaryThe five remaining GOP candidates debated on CNN Thursday night. In tone and substance, it was similar to the previous debate. This one was in Texas, which is Ted Cruz’s home state, yet the audience seemed to be overwhelmingly supportive of Marco Rubio. There was a lot of cross talk and candidates talking over each other as Rubio and Cruz went on the attack to take down Donald Trump. Many times, the moderators were simply ignored.
          Rubio had some very shrill supporters who punctuated his responses with screams, which encouraged him even more. The back-and-forth seemed to go on forever because every time a candidate’s name was mentioned by another candidate, that man was given time to respond. Since the attacks on Donald Trump by Cruz and Rubio dominated the debate, those three men stole the show. Arguably, the best line of the night came from Ben Carson, who got the least amount of time and in frustration shouted, “Would somebody please attack me?!”
          It would be easy to have skipped the debate–or at least tuned out early. However, one never knows what will happen in a debate to change things up. This one gave little illumination to the issues, although if one were judging by confidence and bravado, Marco Rubio improved on his weak performance in the last debate.
          We are coming down to the wire in the nomination process. Super Tuesday is five days away when voters in AL, AK, AR, CO, GA, MA, MN, OK, TN, TX, VT, VA will award nearly 600 delegates. Two weeks later, FL, IL, MO, NC and OH will hold primaries and caucuses, and by March 16, 58 percent of the delegates will have been awarded.
          As it stands now, Trump has 60 delegates, Cruz and Rubio both have 17, Kasich 6, and Carson 4. The number of delegates needed to carry the nomination is 1,237. Donald Trump could be the GOP nominee very soon if he continues his streak of support.
          This is the time to encourage each other to be informed, pray, and vote. May God lead and guide us into all truth!

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