Finally, a Clean GOP Debate!

Miami_debateIt’s just a few days before 433 delegates are awarded in Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, the Virgin Islands, D.C., Guam, Wyoming, and North Carolina. This was a clean debate–the candidates disagreed, but they did not attack each other. Rubio, playing to a home crowd at the University of Miami, had an excellent night. Cruz and Kasich also did well with substantive answers. Trump seems to be improving, having more complete responses and his emotions in check.

Fixing Social Security, which is expected to run out of money in 20 years: Rubio and Cruz say the retirement age for those nearing retirement should remain the same, but increase for future retirees. Donald Trump thinks it can be left alone. His solution is to cut waste, fraud and abuse in the government and to increase the GDP.

Support for Israel: Cruz, Kasich and Rubio believe the Palestinian leaders are only interested in attacking Israel. Trump maintains he wants to be neutral so that if possible, a peace deal between Palestinians and Israelis can be negotiated.

On Islam: Donald Trump was questioned about his statement that “all Muslims hate us.” He walked that back a little and said, “many hate us.” Rubio said Trump’s anti-Islamic rhetoric is making things hard for missionaries in Islamic nations.

Trade Policy: Trump said he will use the “threat” of a 45 percent tariff to make countries such as China follow the rules and regulations that make trading equal for both sides. Cruz said the people paying the 45 percent would be Americans buying the products.

Endorsements: Trump announced Ben Carson will be endorsing him on Friday and that as president, he will put Carson in charge of education. Cruz received the endorsement of Sen. Mike Lee of Utah.

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