How would Trump pay for the Wall?


In the wake of world-wide terrorism, the erosion of U.S. jobs, and the need to protect our borders, building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico is very important to most conservatives. This was the first issue that put Donald Trump in the lead. Not only has he promised to build a wall that will keep invaders out, he is going to compel Mexico to pay for it.

This week Trump explained how he would build the wall. In a two-page memo, he outlined his plan:

  • Anyone who wires money outside the U.S. must establish their “lawful presence” in the U.S. Because Mexico receives about $24.8 billion per year in these remittances, this threat would be incentive for Mexico to pony up the money requested. Trump believes this money is “de facto welfare” for poor Mexicans.
  • Visa fees and fees on border crossing cards would be increased, which is another incentive.
  • If Mexico were to make a one-time payment of $5 to $10 billion to pay for the wall, these stipulations would be withdrawn.

Why this Matters: Trump says there is an excessive trade imbalance with Mexico. He would use provisions in the Patriot Act as a legal foundation to impose the above restrictions. Experts have reservations about these plans and say they would be challenged legally.

How to Pray: Father, give us a way to thwart illegals trying to come in, and give us a way to deal with the ones who are here. We continue to lift up this election, and the sorry state of our country, to You, knowing You will help us.

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