Four Top Reasons Hillary is Unfit to be President




  1. The Company She Keeps
  2. What Happens to Her Enemies
  3. Broken Promises, Broken Laws
  4. Her Deteriorating Health

Hillary Clinton is the chosen candidate of the Democrat National Committee, but that doesn’t mean she is fit to be elected president. First, consider the company she keeps: her friends and supporters at the DNC. This organization is the power center of the party. Ask any Bernie Sanders supporter, and you will hear the “system” is indeed rigged. Although Sanders had more votes than Clinton in the primaries, she had the “super delegates,” those people chosen by the DNC—not the electorate—to nominate her at the convention.

The DNC recently had their server hacked and 20,000 emails were stolen. These emails prove the party machine favored Bernie. As a result, three DNC executives resigned, including chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was later hired by Hillary Clinton. Just a few days after the scandal, a 27-year-old DNC staffer named Seth Rich who worked on a voter registration project, was found dead. His body was discovered at 4:19 a.m., covered in bruises, with a gunshot to the back. None of his valuables were stolen.


The official story is that it was a robbery or a random shooting. Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, has hinted that Seth Rich was the leaker of the emails and is offering a $20,000 reward for information about his death.

Sadly, another top official also died less than a month ago. Joe Montano, 47, former head of the DNC and top aide to Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, died of an “apparent” heart attack on July 25th. This was the day after the start of the convention. Although there has been nothing proven connecting him to the DNC email scandal, his death is notable. Perhaps he was “scared to death” of what would happen when the whole truth comes out.

Now, let’s look at what happens to Clinton’s enemies that makes her unfit for office.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Committee were the target of a lawsuit alleging fraud in the presidential race of a group made up predominantly of Bernie Sanders supporters. On July 1, Shawn Lucas, 38, served the DNC with papers announcing that lawsuit. Lucas died one month later. His body was found by his girlfriend. He was lying on the bathroom floor at his home, unresponsive. The police report says he died from unknown causes. This was two days after the death of Seth Rich.

This is where it gets really strange. Among the DNC leaked emails were a batch from DNC lawyers at the Perkins Coie law firm. The emails show that several lawyers and partners were engaged in a similar effort to thwart Bernie Sanders’ nomination. Perkins Coie also represents the “Hillary for America” campaign. Just 11 days before Lucas’ death, Perkins Coie filed a motion for dismissal of the class action lawsuit, saying Lucas had not served the papers properly and alleging other misconduct.

Next, Hillary Clinton is not fit because she refuses to honor her commitments and follow the law. She was forbidden by law to have a private server, but ignored the law and the affidavit she signed promising not to do so. Even the FBI’s James Comey said she was grossly negligent. Her server was hacked, possibly by the Russians, and valuable state secrets may have been stolen.

She did the same thing with her promise to stay away from the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State. She swore before a Senate committee she would not do this, yet, gave favors to people who donated to the Foundation in exchange for jobs, according to emails released on August 9.

An organization called Judicial Watch was responsible for getting a Freedom of Information Act release of 289 pages of Foundation emails. According to one 2009 email, a Nigerian businessman who gave between $1-5 million to the Clinton Foundation and promised $1 billion to the Clinton Global Initiative was given access to the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon. There were other emails between Doug Band, Clinton Foundation executive director, and Huma Abedin, Mrs. Clinton’s top advisor, where he sought favors for Foundation donors.

Tom Litton, president of Judicial Watch, claims Mrs. Clinton hid the documents because she had signed an affidavit pledging she would not get involved with Clinton Foundation affairs while serving as Secretary of State. The Foundation itself is sketchy. It has used only about 10-12 percent of its $2 billion income since its 2001 inception to actual charities and has failed to disclose 1,100 foreign donations. Charity Navigator, a watchdog organization, put the Clinton Foundation on its list of problem charities. (Note: the Justice Dept. was asked by offices of the FBI to investigate impropriety between the State Dept. and the Clinton Foundation. It declined to do so.)

Finally, Hillary Clinton is not fit physically to be president. She has shown in numerous campaign events that she is unstable. Let’s look at the facts of her medical history that she has shared publicly. First, Clinton has had three serious concussions (’98, ’09, ’12), and was hospitalized in 2012 for six months due to a blood clot in her brain. She has been put on anti-coagulants to prevent further clots. However, through observation, one might wonder if there is more going on.


In a video on Youtube, Mrs. Clinton can be seen having a seizure or a neurological fit of some sort. Dr. Steve Pieczenik, an M.D., psychiatrist, and neurologist has suggested Mrs. Clinton may be showing signs of early-onset dementia, post-stroke symptoms, or brain tumors. In another photo, you can see a medic by her side with a injection tube labeled Diazepam. That is a drug used to reduce the seizure activity.



Another video shows her blanking out while onstage at a rally. One of the three men surrounding her whispers in her ear, “Keep talking,” and she recovers herself. This seems to be the medic seen in the first video.


Other photos show her having difficulty climbing stairs and having three people helping her stand while she is delivering a speech.


There could be benign reasons for these episodes. Who hasn’t fallen going up a flight of stairs? But taken together, a seziure caught on video, a vial of Diazepam, needing help to stand does not portray robust heath. As Dr. Pieczenik has recommended, the American people deserve to see the results of an independent, full neurological examination and the records from her previous hospitalizations.

These are only the most recent issues proving Mrs. Clinton is unfit to be president. If we were to look back at the beginning of her career at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock, AR, we would find a treasure trove of scandals that intensified throughout her tenure as First Lady, and then as Secretary of State. In fact, it has taken several books to document it all! So we won’t go any further, on Mrs. Clinton, and next, we’ll examine how on the other hand, Mr. Trump is fit for the job.


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