Obama in China, Snubbed and Cursed


During his trip to China for the G20 Summit, President Obama experienced a few snubs and disgraces:

  • The Chinese did not send the red-carpeted stairs for his disembarkation from Air Force One.
  • President Duterte of the Philippines referred to Obama as the “son of a whore” for his comments on that country’s human rights abuses related to the war on drugs. Duterte said he would not be lectured when the two men meet in Laos on Tuesday. It is now doubtful that the meeting will take place. The U.S. gives massive amounts of aid to the Philippines, and freed it from Japan in 1945.
  • North Korea fired three ballistic missiles on Monday morning. The missiles flew more than 600 miles and landed nearly 250 miles inside Japan’s air defense zone. According to one U.S. official, it was an “armed protest” reminding the G20 world leaders of North Korea’s increasing nuclear capabilities.
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping came out against the U.S. and our THAAD missile defense system, which is located in South Korea. Although the system’s purpose is to defend the South from North Korea, the Chinese view it as an attempt to shift the regional power balance in favor of U.S. allies. China has been aggressively building islands and establishing military outposts in the South China Sea, in spite of international laws against such actions.


National News Briefs


Conservative icon Phyllis Shafly, founder the Eagle Forum and an activist who helped move the Republican Party toward the right on family and religious issues, passed away Monday. She was 92.

Hillary Clinton gave her first press conference in 275 days. She spoke on board her campaign jet, answering a few questions before succumbing to a coughing fit. During her campaign address in Cleveland, she had another coughing fit, but explained by saying she is allergic to Trump. Many people believe she is ill and hiding her condition.

Donald Trump visited a black church in Detroit on Sunday. Trump spoke about the importance contributions of the Black church to America, saying he would always listen to them and support freedom of religion. At the end of Trump’s message, Bishop Wayne T. Jackson prophesied over him, draped a prayer shawl over his shoulders, and gave him a Jewish Heritage Bible. Click here to view Trump’s message.

Father, as the time for our election draws nearer, we pray for a fair process. Keep our systems from being hacked and protect the candidates. We ask that any important problems with Trump and Clinton be exposed, and that You uncover any efforts on either side to deceive the public. Give us a president who will lead in godliness and righteousness. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Proverbs 14:34 – Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.




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