Clinton and Trump Face off



The debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton was touted to be the biggest event in television on Monday night. The numbers haven’t been released, but it may have been the most-watched presidential debate ever.

The questions covered three areas: achieving prosperity, America’s direction, and securing America. Donald Trump held the high ground on the economy and taxes, but Hillary Clinton came out ahead when national security was discussed. Throughout the 90-minute debate, Trump was passionate and insistent like a terrier with a bone. On some things he just wouldn’t give up and was clearly on the defense. Although Trump said later he thought moderator Lester Holt of NBC was fair, it seemed that Holt pushed and cornered Trump, while giving Hillary Clinton a pass on several significant issues.

Most of the evening, Clinton wore a smirk and appeared poised to the point of plasticity. She laughed inappropriately when Trump questioned about her illegal server and 33,000 unreleased emails. Many of her answers were canned and rote and droning.

When it came to national security, she perked up and became more natural. Again, the moderator let Clinton slide on her scandals. He did not ask about Benghazi where four Americans died under Clinton’s watch. He didn’t ask about her emails, her server, or her lies to the FBI and congress. He did, however, accuse Trump of being a “birther”–one of those people who suggest that Obama was foreign-born. This seemed like a planned attack between Clinton and Holt. Most people really don’t care about the birther issue, yet Clinton has been using it to suggest that Trump is a racist who belittles our “first African-American president.”

Holt hounded Trump about releasing his tax returns, another question most Americans are not concerned about–and it did not fit the topics. Trump answered that he is under audit and has been advised not to release them until it’s finished. He had a good final response: I’ll release my taxes if Hillary releases her 33,000 emails.

It seemed that perhaps Trump was trying to be too nice during parts of the debate, looking for places to agree with Clinton, such as on employer-paid childcare. One wonders if that has to do with her gender and accusations that he is sexist. Clinton replied that she spent most of the last week preparing for the debate instead of campaigning. It showed. When Trump said he hoped she had a nice rest, she countered that she was preparing to be president. Ouch.

At the end of the night, Donald Trump reminded us that he has a plan for America. It includes putting jobs first, staying out of foreign wars and using the money at home, pursuing better trade policy, and keeping manufacturing in the U.S. He scored well on those points.

Hillary Clinton reminded us that she is the embodiment of the establishment. As Trump pointed out numerous times, she has been in politics for 30 years. Those of us old enough to remember know that her career has been salted with scandal, beginning way back in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Rose Law Firm. You could spend days and weeks researching the illegal activities and money-making schemes that built their $123 million fortune.

What has been hard for conservatives and Christians to swallow is that during those 30 years, whenever the ugly truth of corruption is revealed, the American people haven’t cared. We have continued electing the Clintons and donating to their slush funds/charity. Perhaps this time Hillary Clinton will be indicted not by our corrupt legal system, but by the electorate and we keep her from occupying the highest office in the land.

Dear God, may it be so!
Continue to pray for this election and ask God for mercy!

Is. 3:11 – Woe to the wicked! it shall be ill with him: for the reward of his hands shall be given him.


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