Why You Should Vote for Donald Trump


trump-introduces-pence-as-unifSomeone close to my heart who is a steadfast Hillary supporter asked me a couple of questions:

  • Why make America Great Again?
  • What was so great about America in the past?

Here are the answers to these questions and a summary of Tuesday night’s vice presidential debate between Mike Pence (R) and Tim Kaine (D). Trump’s running mate Pence handily won the debate. Yes, he had the upper hand with his calm manner and solid communication skills, but he also outlined the policies that will make things better for all Americans—except, perhaps, elitists like Hillary Clinton.

Points for a Trump Presidency

If you don’t do your own research and only listen to what Fox, NBC, ABC, CNN, etc. present as fact, Donald Trump would be a tough choice. Let’s face it, Trump has a habit of tweeting things that would be better left unsaid, and in soundbites–which are tailor-made for the politically correct–his comments are always taken out of context. I have been to a Trump rally and then watched the reports on the news. I wondered if we had been at the same rally! The media is absolutely giddy when they can grab a phrase and make him sound like a neanderthal. The Bible has a word for what they do: froward—which means twisted. So let me untwist some of the issues and explain why Trump is a good choice for Christian conservatives.

Fair Trade, Lower Debt and Greater Growth

Trump wants to put tariffs on goods made in foreign countries. As he says, “We are getting killed on trade.” Trump believes that a combination of taxes on goods made outside the U.S. and by making it easier and cheaper to produce goods here, organizations such as Ford Motors will find it better to move production back to the U.S.

Trump has repeatedly decried our $20 trillion debt. It has increased more under President Obama than under all of the previous presidents combined. The only way the government can continue to operate is through a policy called “qualitative easing.” That’s a fancy way of saying the government simply prints more money to pay its bills. Trump has said he will bring the debt down by getting rid of waste, fraud and abuse.

Hillary Clinton will do the opposite. She is a tax-and-spend establishment politician who thinks we don’t pay enough in taxes. She’s talked about forgiving education loans. That doesn’t sit well with those of us who’ve scrimped and saved to put our children through college. She has also recently promised to make college free. Well, someone has to pay for it, and that will be the taxpayers. Trump, on the other hand, wants to bring the cost of education down.

Clinton will also increase regulations and impose greater restrictions on oil and gas production. Like Obama, she will use the unproven “climate change” argument as justification.

Trump wants to unleash the potential of the American people. Fortune 100 companies—the elite—want a Hillary presidency, but small- and medium-sized businesses prefer Trump who says he will roll back regulations, keep spending under control, lower taxes, and cut the debt.

If he is successful in doing that, we might see a great economy like we had under Reagan. According to the Department of Commerce, the average annual GDP growth rate for Obama is a dismal 2.9 percent, whereas Reagan’s recovery averaged a 7.9 percent. Sadly, net job growth has declined under Obama.

Hillary Clinton wants to continue Obama’s policies because, according to Kaine, “the recovery has been a success.” But as Pence said, “The people of Scranton [and] Fort Wayne know different.”

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Regarding unemployment, the administration touts numbers that are fudged to show a low unemployment rate. This is accomplished by eliminating the people who have stopped looking for work because they’ve given up. Just ask the miners in West Virginia who haven’t worked in years and have no hope of returning to their jobs because Obama made coal a national enemy.

Estimates from the mainstream media say 40 percent of Americans who want to work have given up looking. The percentage of working-age people currently employed is 62.8 percent—we haven’t had these kinds of sorry statistics since the Jimmy Carter days. The workforce participation rate for workers aged 25 to 54 fell during the recession and it hasn’t changed in spite of Obama’s “recovery.”

Trump has made a promise that he will be the “greatest jobs president that God ever created.” He seems to know how to do that. A CNNMoney analysis calculates The Trump Organization has created at least 34,000 jobs. How many can we attribute to Hillary? Trump has good business instincts, and Mike Pence is more proof. During the vice presidential debate Pence was likeable, confident, and calm in the face of childish interruptions and goading by Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine. Last night he proved he is an effective communicator of conservative principles who will be an asset on Capitol Hill.

Stronger National Security

Kaine insisted that the U.S. is safer today from the threat of terror. Really? Syria is in tatters as ISIS continues its conquest in the Middle East, we are sending troops back into Iraq, our consulate in Libya was destroyed and four Americans were killed, Russia and the U.S. are in a proxy war in Syria with diplomacy officially ended, and the Iranians and North Korea have nuclear weapons.

This is quite a change from Ronald Reagan’s “peace through strength” that saw the downfall of the Soviet Union and a global sentiment that you just don’t mess with the U.S. Today, President Obama “leads from behind.” Is there any reason to believe Clinton would do differently?

Hillary Clinton herself is a security risk. As Pence reminded us, she had a private server in her home containing classified information about drone strikes and emails from the President. She first pretended she didn’t have any classified information, then said she didn’t remember having training on what constitutes classified material. Her server was subject to being hacked and she put people’s lives on the line—certainly hers, the President’s and special ops personnel. Pence and Tim Kaine both have sons in the military. As Pence stated, “If our sons did what Hillary Clinton did, they’d be court-martialed.”

Conservative Moral Policies

Hillary Clinton is the pro-abortion movement’s rock star. If she has her way, a full-term baby could have his or her life taken in the womb. Late term abortion is not popular with most Americans, but Mrs. Clinton cares deeply about advancing the pro-abortion movement and funding Planned Parenthood. Trump and Pence are adamantly pro-life.

Donald Trump has published a list of men and women he would consider appointing to the Supreme Court. With the death of Justice Scalia and the advanced ages of several justices, the next president will likely make a handful of appointments. Any hope Christians have of conservative Supreme Court rulings will be lost with a Clinton Presidency. This election is our last chance to forestall the complete crumbling of our Constitution.

And these are just a handful of reasons Christians should vote to elect Trump. There’s not enough time to go into Clinton’s history of corruption, her desire to pursue a globalist agenda, or the numerous rape allegations leveled against her husband Bill—and the women Hillary silenced to cover up his criminal behavior. To read more on the dangers of electing this woman, read “Four Top Reasons Hillary is Unfit to be President” on the home page of this website.

We cannot know for certain that Trump will be able to deliver all that he has proposed. But we do know without question what we’ll get with Hillary is more tax burdens on business, policies to welcome any and every immigrant, no attempt to secure the borders, elitism, and corruption in the highest office of the land. It is our duty as believers in the Lord Jesus to vote for Donald Trump.


  1. Great article ! Very well said.


  2. Lucid and educative for American neighbours.


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