New Revelations from Leaked Emails

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks at Johnstown Wire Technologies in Johnstown, Pennsylvania
On Monday, Wikileaks released another 3,000 emails from Clinton  Campaign Manager John Podesta. This brings the total to 15,000. The themes continue to show the campaign’s desire to cover Clinton’s flaws and to lie and take every political advantage available.
One Clinton adviser wrote to Podesta about Hillary, saying: “Her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, I fear, becoming a character problem (more so than honesty).”
In 2015, Podesta wrote to a top Clinton aide asking if they should withhold emails between Obama and Clinton. This was one day after they had received a subpoena requiring all emails be preserved, and following Clinton’s assertion that all emails had already been turned over.
President Obama was asked in an interview if he knew of her use of a private email server. Obama said, “No, no,” even though he and Clinton exchanged many emails via her private server.
After the San Bernardino shooting that left 14 people dead, emails between members of the Clinton team bemoan the fact that the shooters were Muslims, saying it would be better for the campaign if a non-Muslim had led the attack. Journalist Christopher Hayes tweeted that the name of the male shooter was Sayeed Farouk, and John Podesta wrote,“Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk was reporting than a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.”


Review of Clinton Financial Records Shows Impropriety

Several corporate giants gave millions to the Clinton foundation, using the opportunity to ask for favors. This information was released after a nonpartisan group reviewed the campaign’s financial records. The resulting report showed the following improprieties between corporations seeking favors and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
  • Microsoft gave between $1 million and $5 million to Clinton’s charity while asking for favors with visas, cyber security, licensing and selling software to the government.
  • Pfizer gave between $1 million and $5 million for consideration on intellectual property rights overseas and the ability to market drugs in Turkey and India.
  • ExxonMobil gave between $1 million and $5 million and asked for fracking rights.
Although the review did not find specifics of special favors being granted, the reports show a history of conflicts of interest and impropriety. Clinton nonprofits have received millions of dollars in state or private contributions linked to foreign countries such as Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Kazakhstan.
This information was the result of federal lobbying data and federal campaign financial records; the conclusions were reached by the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics for 2009-2013 and published in USA Today.

FBI Interviews with Clinton Reveal Undue Pressure

The FBI released documents on Monday showing a Clinton aide tried to pressure the FBI to trade a reclassification of a Clinton email in exchange for allowing FBI agents to work in certain foreign countries. The email was related to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, where four Americans were killed in 2012.
According to the FBI document, Clinton’s aide Patrick Kennedy “spent the next 15 minutes debating the classification of the email and attempting to influence the FBI to change its markings.
Another remark from the FBI’s report says, “[The Dept. of] State has an agenda which involves minimizing the classified nature of the Clinton emails in order to protect State [Dept.] interests and those of Clinton.”
When questioned, a White House spokesman said that a reporter’s suggestion that this was a quid pro quo (“this for that” in Latin) was “insulting.”
Why this Matters: Even though the Obama administration is trying to protect Clinton by suggesting there is nothing to this story, federal law expressly prohibits this sort of backroom deal.
How to Pray: For an end to the corruption; that the American people will wake up and demand that people in the government follow the law and act with respect to their office.
Zep. 3:5 – The just LORD [is] in the midst thereof; he will not do iniquity: every morning doth he bring his judgment to light, he faileth not; but the unjust knoweth no shame.

American Troops Aid in Effort to Recapture Mosul

Thousands of American troops are assisting Iraqi and Kurdish forces in their effort to retake the city of Mosul from ISIS control. According to the Pentagon, U.S. military efforts are limited to airstrikes, training, and logistical support.
Mosul is oil-rich and Iraq’s second-largest city. It is being held by between 3,000 and 5,000 ISIS fighters. The terrorists have already lost Tikrit and Ramadi, and Mosul is their last stronghold in Iraq.
Why this Matters: The battle for Mosul is expected to be long and difficult, but a win could mean the end of ISIS control of Iraq.
How to Pray: Father, in Jesus’ name we ask for the city of Mosul. May you give our forces victory and safety. Protect every U.S. soldier from the schemes of the enemy. May each one find salvation through Jesus Christ. Make a swift end to the fighting and bring peace to Iraq.
Ps. 140:7 – O GOD the Lord, the strength of my salvation, thou hast covered my head
 in the day of battle.

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