More Money for the Clintons


The Wikileaks leaked emails continue to expose the Clintons’ money-making schemes, using her position as Secretary of State to trade influence for donations to the Clinton’s charity. The charity posted a gross income of $178 million in 2014, with $5.1 million of that–or 5.6 percent– spent on charitable work.

Doug Band, co-founder of Teneo Consulting and former aide to Bill Clinton, was implicated in another series of leaked emails. He enumerated how much money each of Teneo’s 20 clients gave to the Clinton Foundation, and what Bill Clinton was personally paid. In some cases, Band detailed how he himself had forged those relationships.

  • Teneo partners raised more than $8 million for the Clinton Foundation
  • Teneo was responsible for getting Bill Clinton paid $3 million in speaking fees
  • Band secured contracts for Clinton that would pay out $66 million over nine years
  • Coca-Cola donated $4.33 million to the Foundation
  • Laueate International Universities paid Clinton $3.5 million annually for his “advice” and to serve as honorary chairman
  • In exchange for a $500,000 contribution, Clinton attended a Dow Chemical dinner in Davos, Switzerland


The Muslim nation of Qatar purchased three weapons systems from Raytheon worth $19 billion. The year before the sale, Qatar pledged $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. This was done on Bill Clinton’s birthday, and given with the understanding of having a five-minute meeting with him.

Raytheon, the country’s largest defense contractor, hired Heather Podesta (related by marriage to Clinton’s campaign manager John Pedestal) to lobby the State Department. They also hired two other big-time lobbyists who had worked for Clinton. During Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, Raytheon won 17 foreign military sales contracts (which need State Department approval) worth $26 billion.

Why this Matters: This is called “blurring the lines” between a non-profit organization and a for-profit company. Is there any wonder why Donald Trump claims if elected, he will “drain the swamp” in Washington, D.C.?

The Clintons maintain that there was no “pay-to-play” atmosphere during her tenure as Secretary of State. Heather Podesta denies there was any lobbying being done and Raytheon claims they followed the law.

Prov. 12:12 – The wicked desireth the net of evil men: but the root of the righteous yieldeth fruit.

Clinton’s Financial Ties to Iran and Syria

According to a new report by journalist Christine Brim, Hillary Clinton has financial ties to both Russia and Iran, going back to her days as Secretary of State. This new report shows that Thomas Pickering, while acting as Clinton’s Foreign Affairs Policy Advisor, was also a paid director for a Russian firm, TMK. He attended 143 out of 145 board meetings and it is estimated that he was paid more than $500,000.

At the same time, TMK was actively selling oil and gas pipelines to Iran, which is specifically prohibited under U.S. law. In March 2009, Clinton famously announced a “reset” with Russia–and two weeks later Pinkering joined TMK. That’s when the sales to Iran and Syria began.

On March 28, 2012, Pickering was called to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Pickering did not disclose his links to TMK and their sales to Iran, yet he did advocate that the sanctions be eliminated or eased.

Why this Matters: Americans would do well to remember the terrible nuke deal with Iran and the billions of dollars in foreign Obama secretly loaded onto pallets and had flown undercover to Iran. 

How to Pray: For the election, especially that counted votes would reflect actual votes. There are reports from all over the country of electronic voting machines changing votes at the final step before casting the vote (please check your ballot before casting) and numerous accounts of dead people voting, “voters” being bussed from one location to another to cast multiple votes, and illegals being registered to vote.

Pray that God would wake up Christians and other citizens who don’t want to see this country ruled in corruption. Pray people would care enough about our future to prevent the Clintons from occupying the White House again.

Middle East: Pray for God to intervene on behalf of citizens and U.S. soldiers in Mosul, Iraq and for an and to the war in Syria. Pray that ISIS fighters are located and eliminated, that the territories under their control can be freed.

Amos 5:8 – Seek him that maketh the seven stars and Orion, and turneth the shadow of death into the morning, and maketh the day dark with night:
that calleth for the waters of the sea, and poureth them out upon the face of the earth:
The LORD is his name:


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