Jill Stein, Hillary Clinton Challenge Election


Donald Trump has officially won the state of Michigan, making him the first Republican to do so since George H. W. Bush in 1988, but that is about to be challenged by the Clinton camp. Led by the Green Party candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, Clinton has agreed to contest the vote tallies in three battleground states: Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. To date, Stein has raised nearly $7 million to pay for the recount fee. Federal law requires that all recounts be finished 35 days after the election, December 13, or both candidates will be required to pay for the recount.

Donald Trump’s electoral vote total stands at 306; Hillary Clinton’s at 232. The electors will cast their votes on December 19th, not 16th, as was previously reported in Praying Citizen, we regret the error. An overturn of Michigan (16), Pennsylvania (20), and Wisconsin (10) would give Clinton the votes she needs to overturn the outcome of the entire election.

Part of Trump’s success in typically Democratic Rust Belt states, such as Michigan, was due to his promise to return jobs to the region by bringing back investment from companies that have moved overseas. Additionally, taxes will be used to incentivize companies such as Ford and Carrier to remain in the U.S. Ford has said their production of the Lincoln SUV, which they had planned to move to Mexico, will remain in Kentucky. Carrier is reconsidering its move from Indiana to Mexico. Perhaps in light of this type of good economic news, the NYSE broke a new record, reaching 19,000 on Tuesday, finishing the week at 19,152

Last week, a group of computer scientists released a report saying the differences in electronic vote tallies versus paper ballots could indicate election fraud. Other say the Russians may have hacked the election. One of those computer scientists, who is a professor at the University of Michigan, said the voting equipment has serious problems.

Russia did hack email accounts in the U.S. government over the summer. Vladimir Putin and others in Russia have spoken favorably of a Trump presidency. However, according to experts, Russian capabilities do not extend far enough to have affected the election.

How to Pray: For the smooth transition of power, that Donald Trump and his associates will be protect physically, spiritually, and relationally, and that that the new president will put cyber security–as he has said he will–at the top of his list. May the funds for improving the all government computer systems be available and appropriated. Pray for the outcome of North Carolina’s governor’s race.


New Trump Appointments

President-elect Trump named K. T. McFarland, a frequent Fox News commentator who served under Nixon and Reagan to the position of deputy national security adviser. She is known for having a hard-line view on the fight against terrorism.

Mr. Trump also announced that Donald F. McGahn II will be White House counsel. McGahn is an ardent Libertarian, and a Washington election lawyer. He graduated from the Naval Academy, and is known as a maverick and expert on government ethics.

nikki-haleyNikki Haley, Governor of South Carolina, was named U.S. ambassador to the United Nations. Haley spoke openly against Donald Trump during the GOP primary, but later said that she had voted for Trump on November 8. As UN Ambassador, Haley will advise the White House on foreign policy issues and represent the U.S. to other countries.


Betsy DeVos has been selected as Education Secretary. She is a proponent of school choice and payment vouchers that will enable parents to decide on the school. DeVos at one time supported Common Core, but says she later reversed her opinion. DeVos chairs the American Federation for Children, a group that promotes charter school education, and served on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She is the wife of Dick DeVos, heir to the Amway fortune.

John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.


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