Do foreigners have a constitutional right to enter the U.S.?


Do foreigners have a constitutional right to enter the U.S.? This is the heart of what is being considered during hearings over President Trump’s temporary ban on immigrant travel.

Three judges of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will determine if the states of Washington and Minnesota, which are suing on behalf of corporations, were actually harmed by the temporary ban on travel for people from seven majority-Muslim nations.

Several corporations have complained that their businesses are being effected negatively. Expedia claims 1,000 passport holders may have trouble traveling. Amazon joined the lawsuit, saying they have 49 employees born in one of the seven banned countries whose travel is restricted. The order doesn’t affect legal, permanent residents.

If the court sides with the states, then the case will end up in the Supreme Court. If the 9th Circuit finds for the administration, the temporary ban will be reinstated. The decision could come at any time this week.

Gen. John Kelly, Director of Homeland Security, appeared before Congress Tuesday and admitted some culpability in the roll out of the President’s executive order. Kelly said he wished he had delayed the implementation just a bit and talked to leaders in Congress to prepare them for what was coming.

Why this Matters: This hearing is being conducted by phone because the judges are in separate geographical areas. The 9th circuit, sometimes called the 9th “circus,” is the most reversed court in the country. This means its determinations are often overturned. However, preference is usually given to the President as Commander-in-Chief, in charge of national security.

How to Pray: For the President’s executive order to be reinstated by the court. Pray that the President’s security team will use their time during the ban to improve vetting and make proper decisions about the future of our immigration policies.

Ps. 4:8 – I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, LORD, only makest me dwell in safety.

Betsy De Vos was confirmed and sworn-in as Education Secretary. The vote was 50/51, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie. This is the first time any vice president has had to break a tie for a confirmation vote.

Twenty people were killed Tuesday in a suicide bombing outside the Afghanistan Supreme Court. Forty-one others were wounded. No group has claimed responsibility.

Israel’s Knesett passed legislation to legalize homes on the West Bank, an area called Judea and Samaria in the Bible. Jewish settlers celebrated the new law, while Palestinians and some Israelis were angered that homes built on land owned by Palestinians was given to the Jews.

Prime Minister Netanyahu initially opposed the legislation, concerned there would be international repercussions. Many in Israel’s legal community believe the bill is unconstitutional, and Palestinians believed this area would become part of their new country. Local rights groups will ask Israel’s Supreme Court to overturn the measure. Pray for God’s hand of protection on the land and that His will would be done.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have cleared the way for the completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The last bit will be built under a lake, which is being challenged by Native Americans who say it is sacred ground. The pipeline takes oil from North Dakota to a shipping point in Illinois. Pray for the Native Americans who have been historically mistreated: that they may be able to find Jesus and forgive others as they have been forgiven.

Four tornados touched down in Southeast Louisiana. The worst damage is in eastern New Orleans. Pray for those who have lost homes and possessions. May they find a way to be grateful in spite of their losses.


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