U.S. Marines Land in Syria to Fight ISIS


A detachment of U.S. Marines landed with artillery in Syria on Wednesday, and more are on their way. The target is Raqqa, the ISIS capital. The total number of Marines will be about 900, and although U.S. special ops forces have been there a year, this is the first time a substantial number of U.S. fighters will be on the ground.

According to Gen. Joseph Votel, the purpose is to ensure that we have “redundant, capable fire support on the ground to support our partners.”

U.S. Air Force Col. John Dorrian reported that the operation to isolate Raqqa could be completed in a few weeks.

Why this Matters: This is a six-sided combat between various forces, some of whom are U.S. allies. President Assad of Syria invited Russia to help him put down a civil war, which American leaders accuse him of starting and massacring his own people. Assad denies this.

Supposedly, the U.S., Syria, and Russia are all fighting ISIS, with the Kurds and others also involved. This is a messy situation. In sending our troops, President Trump is making good on a campaign promise to rid the world of ISIS. Is that even possible?

How to Pray: Protection for our troops, clear understanding for their leaders, and a quick end to the fighting. Pray for the civilians who are trying to escape, that they would find safety, food, water, and Jesus!

AssangeWikileak’s Assange Offers to Help Stop Leaks

Julian Assange gave a press conference on Thursday revealing some of the details of how Wikileaks was able to hack the CIA. First, he said the CIA has a giant arsenal of trojans and viruses that they didn’t secure and therefore, lost control of. Assange added there were several people associated with the CIA who had access to this “loose arsenal” and did nothing to protect it.

Did President Obama know about this situation, and did he conceal it? Assange presented that question and also wondered why President Trump hasn’t acted quickly to fix the leak. Assange says it is impossible to keep effective control of these cyber weapons. “If you build them, you will eventually lose them,” he said.

In order to help tech companies secure their systems, Assange said Wikileaks will provide exclusive access to additional tech details so they can develop fixes. He also said the digital blueprints for these cyber weapons would be published.

Conservatives in Congress have decried Assange’s hacking. Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) said he would like to see Assange in jail for the rest of his life. Currently, Assange is living at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. He faces extradition charges to the U.S. for earlier leaks.

The FBI is deploying a special team to find the hackers. President Trump says he believes government systems need updating.

Why this Matters: Wikileaks exposed surveillance technology and even cyber weapons that can kill people, yet the American government insists this is not being used to spy on our citizens. That is hard to believe. Big brother is watching–closer and smarter than ever before.

How to Pray: Father, it is pointless to be afraid of our government because You are above the cosmos and consider the affairs of mankind. You alone preserve us. Help us to trust in Your provision and Your love more than we fear what man can do to us. Lead President Trump as he makes decisions about the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Other News

  • On Thursday, former national security adviser Michael Flynn filed with the Justice Department as a foreign agent because he was paid $530,000 by Turkey to lobby for that country.
  • Five states are planning to block President Trump’s immigration order that goes into effect March 16. The states who have already filed a lawsuit are Washington, Massachusetts, and Hawaii. Oregon and New York are considering joining the suit.

Pray for the healthcare bill. It is a mess and fixing it seems impossible.
Father, we ask that you guide our lawmakers as they work through this. Make a way where there seems to be no way.

Ps. 56:11 – In God have I put my trust: I will not be afraid what man can do unto me.

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