Thousands Protest Corruption in Russia, Taxes in Belarus

Russia Protest

As many as 60,000 people protested across Russia against Dmitri Medvedev, the Russian Prime Minister. The protesters say he has made himself rich at the people’s expense, but there has been no investigation into his alleged corruption.

Some of the protests were legally allowed; others spread into unauthorized areas and were arrested. The government released a statement saying it does not respect those who “deliberately misguide people… provoking them into illegal activities… [and] promising certain rewards for taking part in an unsanctioned event, exposing them to harm.”

The unnamed person who “misguided” and “provoked” is Alexei Navalny. Reports say that billionaire globalist George Soros backed Alexei Navalny and funded the protests. Navalny has been arrested and is receiving a 15-day jail sentence and a fine.

Senators on Capitol Hill called for Navalny’s immediate release and said the case is another example of Putin’s Soviet-style attempts to silence his fiercest critics and consolidate his grip on power.

navalnyWhy this Matters: Navalny has been called a hero by the American media. In 2014, Navalny was convicted of embezzling $500,000 from two international firms; however accusations are that this was a put-up job and he is innocent. After receiving a suspended sentence for that crime, Navalny fell in with Soros, who gave him a blogging platform. Navalny instigated the illegal protests in Moscow by defacing an image of a Russian statue.


Hundreds of people were arrested in Minsk, Belarus on Saturday after President Alexander Lukashenko placed a $230 tax on people who have been unemployed for six months. Organizers called the protest Freedom Day, marking the 99th anniversary of the declaration of independence by Belarus, which lasted just six months.

Demonstrators and journalists alike were arrested. Those who resisted were beaten. Government officials say these were not peaceful protests and they found gasoline bombs and cars stocked with weapons nearby.

Lukashenko relented on the tax and will delay implementation, but refused to remove the measure completely.

Why this Matters: Belarus is run by Lukashenko, also known as “Europe’s last dictator.” The tax is called a “social parasites” levy, applied to long-term unemployed. It is worth about a month’s wages in Belarus. The President said it will “instill discipline in the work-shy.”

How to Pray: Father, hear the cries of people who are oppressed by their governments. Release us from the tyranny of overlords who think they know better and do not regard You or Your instructions.

James 5:4 – Behold, the hire of the labourers who have reaped down your fields, which is of you kept back by fraud, crieth: and the cries of them which have reaped are entered into the ears of the Lord of sabaoth.

NYC Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito vows to become Trump’s worst nightmare

Sanctuary Cities Join Together to Fight President’s Initiatives

The first-ever national conference in support of sanctuary cities began in New York City on Monday. Its goal is to develop municipal policies that will confront the Trump administration’s crackdown on cities that habor illegals.

Mark Krikorian, from the Center for Immigration Studies, says these people are taking the law into their own hands, and this is counterproductive to broader public safety goals.

The administration says it can and will withhold funding from cities that refuse to cooperate with immigration officials.

Why this Matters: Some jurisdictions are concerned about the legal implications of holding a person until ICE agents can arrive. On Friday, ICE issued a new detainer form which compels notification when a potential deportee is about to be released from custody. The person can be held for up to 48 hours.

Pray that all God-directed agenda items would be enacted, and anything the President is trying to do that works against God’s plans would fail.

The administration may be facing further issues with owners of border lands in the path of the southern wall. The Department of Justice has issued letters offering $2,900 per acre, but under eminent domain law, land owners do not have a choice.

Why this Matters: It’s possible that people who own land along the border will put up a fight. They cannot contest eminent domain, but they can argue what constitutes fair market value for their property.

Pray that both sides will come to an agreement and that the wall will be built quickly, efficiently, and with wisdom. Pray for the safety of all immigration agents.

Mark 12:25 – And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:

NATO Exercises, More U.S. Troops to Iraq

NATO has begun military exercises in Scotland. It will be one of the largest ever in Europe, with thousands of army, navy and air force troops participating.

More American troops are on their way to Iraq. Two companies of soldiers–between 200 and 300 troops–have been sent to advise and assist the Iraq security forces in retaking the city of Mosul from ISIS.

ISIS fighters are using civilians, including whole families, as human shields. U.S. military officials confirmed that a U.S. airstrike last week left countless civilians dead. The strike was requested by Iraqi security forces, and it is said to be impossible to avoid civilian casualties.

The Prime Minister of Iraq was interviewed over the weekend and said he believes the fight to retake Mosul will be over in the next few weeks.

Pray for the protection of our troops and that the effort to retake Mosul will be victorious. Pray for the Iraqis fleeing Mosul, that they will find food, water, and safety. May God direct us.

Prov. 11:5 – The righteousness of the perfect shall direct his way: but the wicked shall fall
by his own wickedness.


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