Senate Confirms Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court


The Republican-led Senate confirmed Neil Gorsuch, 49, President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court. The Democrats solidly opposed his confirmation and blocked it with a procedural filibuster–which means they kept the debate going to prevent a vote.

But Republicans responded with a rule change to allow Gorsuch and all future nominees to be confirmed with a simple majority, instead of a 60-40 majority. The final vote was 54-45, with three Democrats joining the Republicans and voting to confirm.

This ended the longest Supreme Court vacancy since the Civil War. Justice Scalia passed away in February of 2016, leaving the seat open. Scalia was a leading conservative Justice, and Christians hope Gorsuch will be like-minded on the issues of freedom of religion and protecting life.

Pray that Gorsuch will be clearly conservative on all of his rulings, that he will be a force for good on the Supreme Court.

Is. 61:8 – For I the LORD love judgment, I hate robbery for burnt offering; and I will direct their work in truth, and I will make an everlasting covenant with them.

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