Four Weeks of Crisis in Venezuela

Just one month ago, massive riots and upheaval broke out in Venezuela. There have been shootings and clashes between security forces and protesters and night-time looting as people are searching for food.
The ruling Socialist Party is accusing its political opponents of getting help from the U.S. to bring about a coup. The other side says President Nicolas Maduro is a dictator repressing peaceful demonstrations. They want activists released from jail and new elections.
The latest protests began when the Supreme Court took powers from the congress, which was controlled by Maduro’s opposition. Even though the Court reversed itself, the initial actions mobilized Maduro’s foes. There is no sign that the current government will allow 2018 elections to be moved up, as the opposition is demanding.
Venezuelans are suffering under a crippling economic crisis, in spite of the fact that the nation has plentiful oil reserves. Twelve people have been killed and more than 1,400 arrested this month. Estimates are that 75 percent of Venezuelans have lost an average of 20 pounds because of food shortages.
General Motors reported last week that one of its plants was illegally seized by local authorities. It was not reported why, only that GM has been forced to stop operating in Venezuela.
Why this Matters: There is some concern that if the shortages continue, Venezuelans will become refugees and flood into Central and North America. 
How to Pray: For resolution to the food shortages and political problems in Venezuela. Pray for Christians to find food and be satisfied in spite of the upheaval.

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