Leaks, Fake News, and Calls for Impeachment


Seemingly endless leaks coming out of the administration have captivated the mainstream media. All involve President Trump and questionable activities, but the White House is pushing back hard against the stories, and so far, none of the allegations have been confirmed.

On Friday, the President tweeted, “James Comey better hope that there are no ‘tapes’ of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!” No one is really sure what the President meant by this tweet–especially since conversations are no longer “taped.” Secret recording of conversations is allowed as long as one of the parties agrees to the recording. In this case, it would have been Trump.

If there were such a recording, Congress could issue a subpoena requiring the President to produce it. However, subpoenas are only used for criminal investigations, and the simple firing of Comey was not illegal. Although this wasn’t a leak, it did raise eyebrows and put Trump’s firing of Comey earlier in the week back into the spotlight.

Over the weekend, The Washington Post published a story claiming President Trump gave classified information about U.S. military actions to the Russians. This supposed conversation took place during the visit with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov last week. As usual, there were no solid sources, only “unnamed officials.”

National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster responded to the story on Monday, declaring it to be false and saying that any information the President did share with Lavrov was “wholly appropriate to that conversation.” He added that none of the others in the room, including the Secretary of State, felt the conversation was inappropriate.

NBC News came out with a story on Tuesday that two unnamed U.S. intelligence officials dispute McMaster’s characterization of the conversation. They also suggested that Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert recognized Trump’s action was dangerous because it had come from a U.S. ally and could be detrimental to that relationship.

lt was revealed on Tuesday, however, that Israel was the source of the information and didn’t care that it was shared. Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. issued a statement, saying “Israel has full confidence in our intelligence-sharing relationship with the U.S. and looks forward to deepening that relationship in the year ahead under President Trump.”

One final story was published late Tuesday afternoon by The New York Times. According to Comey’s associates, Trump asked Comey to stop investigating former National Security Advisor Mike Flynn. According to Comey’s notes of his conversation with the President, Trump said to Comey, “I hope you can let this one go.”

The Times did not have the actual note, but Comey’s associates read the memo to the Times reporter.

White House aides quickly denied the story, assuring reporters that Trump never asked Comey to shut down the investigation into Flynn.

One week ago, FBI director Andrew G. McCabe testified before Congress about the investigation, saying there had been no interference, or tampering, or restriction of the investigation at all. He added, “You cannot stop FBI from doing the right thing.”

Why this Matters: The mainstream media continues to circulate any story that suggests Trump cannot be trusted, broke the law, is obstructing justice, is ignorant about national security, etc. They are also pouncing on slight variations of Trump’s tweets and statements made by his press secretaries to “prove” he is a liar. This is desperation on the Left as they continue to try and recover a failed election.

A small group of Democrats, and now CNN, are pushing for Trump’s impeachment, using two elements of the Constitution. The first is that President Trump did not fully divest of his business empire, suggesting he can be bribed. The second is Trump’s supposed Russian connections, although no one in the opposition has been able to produce any evidence.

The latest push for impeachment is from Rep. Al Green (D-TX) who released a statement suggesting Comey was fired because of the president’s campaign ties to Russia. Green claims Trump has committed acts that “amount to intimidation and obstruction.” 

If Trump’s poll numbers slide due to these leaked stories–regardless of their veracity–the Democrats will likely clean up during the mid-term elections. That may be the one reason they will not pursue impeachment.

How to Pray: For the leaks to stop and the leakers to be identified. Pray for the President to hear from God and do His will.

2 Chron. 2:10 – Give me the wisdom and knowledge to lead them properly, for who could possibly govern this great people of yours?”


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