Trump Frees U.S. from Paris Climate Accord


The President announced on Wednesday he was withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris climate agreement, saying it’s not a good deal for America. He also suggested it might be renegotiated, but that it was not a major priority. In his address from the Rose Garden, Mr. Trump outlined the reasons for his decision, citing the high cost to Americans, it disadvantaged the U.S. to the exclusive benefit of other countries, and that he is fulfilling a campaign promise.

Since the Paris Accord was never approved as a treaty by Congress, the withdrawal is entirely legal.

America is at pre-1992 levels of carbon emissions, according to Scott Pruitt, Secretary of the Interior.

The Heritage Foundation, a conservative organization that provides policy direction, released a statement saying “Paris was the open door for egregious regulation, cronyism, and government spending that would have been disastrous for the American economy… killing jobs and costing the American family $20,000 by 2035.”

The U.S. stock market hit new highs, possibly reflecting the approval for the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris accord, as well as a positive employment report. More than 253,ooo private sector jobs were added in May, way more than the 185,000 that had been estimated.

World leaders expressed their displeasure with Trump’s decision, and the Left in the media, Hollywood, and Washington are furious. Former President Obama said Trump was rejecting the future, and leaders of 25 companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook have written the President begging him to stay in the accord.

However, President Trump invigorated his base with this announcement and made no apology for pulling out, saying he answers to people in Pittsburgh, not Paris.

Why this Matters: This is such good news! Man-influenced climate change has not been proven. This accord seeks to ration resources, get rid of cheap energy, advantage certain countries over others, and establish an international governing body that would have control our economy.

Praise God for the President’s decision and his leadership. Pray for Trump’s safety, health, protection, and wisdom.


U.S. Cleansed of Hundreds of
Illegal Gang Members

Donald Trump’s effort to rid the United States of illegal criminals is succeeding. The new numbers are out, showing that nearly 400 criminal illegals who are part of the notorious MS-13 drug gang have been deported. Most of these were caught then released by President Obama–even after they had been convicted of heinous sex crimes. The government of El Salvador wouldn’t take them back, so under a program called “catch and release,” they were permitted to remain in the U.S.

Overall, immigration arrests are up 38 percent, according to The New York Times. ICE officers are averaging 400+ arrests per day and a total of 41,318 illegals have been sent packing in 2017. That balances out the 46,371 refugees have been admitted to the U.S. in the last eight months.

Why this Matters: Some of President Trump’s advisors during and after his campaign, including Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, suggested implementation of strategies so tough that they encourage illegals to “self-deport.” So it may be that the numbers leaving are even more than what has been reported.

How to Pray: Pray for the continued success of these tough policies. Ask God’s blessing of safety on our police and ICE agents. Pray that the liberal U.S. cities that have declared themselves “sanctuaries” for illegals will be caught in their own trap. May their citizens rise up and demand law and order.


Ramadan Bombing Kills 100 in Afghanistan

A sewage truck filled with explosives detonated outside the German embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on Wednesday morning. It’s estimated that the blast killed 100 people and wounded hundreds of others–mostly civilians. This was the second day of bombing during the Muslim “holy” month of Ramadan.

Western nations such as the Germany and the U.S. support the government of Afghanistan, which is not be stable enough to keep the peace on its own. Therefore, President Trump is considering sending more U.S. troops. The situation there has been called a stalemate, and it is the longest-running U.S. war ever.

Why this Matters: As stated previously in this newsletter, Islam is not a religion of peace, as many would have us believe. In their writings, Muslims are prohibited form allowing Jews and Christians to help them. The “moderate” Muslim nation of Indonesia recently imprisoned its Christian president for asking Muslims to vote for him, because that was receiving “help” from a Christian. For a short explanation of some of the insanity of Islam, watch this video.

How to Pray: God’s protection over our troops, and may the President hear from God on the wisdom of having Americans trying to “help” these Muslim Afghanis.

Ps. 68:30 – Scatter thou the people that delight in war.

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