President Names 11 Conservative Judicial Nominees


In May, President Trump promised to name a slate of candidates to the federal bench each month. He has more than 120 openings to fill, and on June 7, announced 11 names every bit as conservative as the 10 he named in May. Two conservative groups, the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation helped compile the lists.

Hearings will begin soon, with confirmation almost certain since it will take just a simple majority.

The President has also announced he will nominate Christopher Wray as the next FBI director.

Why this Matters: The Left is outraged about three of the judges. John K. Bush has equated slavery and abortion, calling them the two greatest tragedies in our country. Damien Schiff criticized the teaching of gayness if public schools. A third, Kevin Newsom, argued for greater leniency in using the death penalty.

The ability of a President to appoint judges is one of the main reasons Christians voted for Trump and have celebrated his victory. This will preserve the Constitution and may have a huge impact on our laws for decades to come.

Thank God for judges who will stand for conservative values! Pray for smooth hearings and that the President will be able to fill all openings as planned with similar men and women. Pray for Christopher Wray that he will be able to handle the mess he is inheriting.



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