President’s First Meeting with his Cabinet 


It has been a long time in coming, but finally President Trump met with the full members of his cabinet on Monday. He received a brief status report from each appointee and remarked “we’re here to change Washington, return power to the people, and we’re here to give people a great shot at a great, great job.”

The slow approvals by the Senate delayed the process. According to the Washington Post, it was nearly the slowest in 30 years. The median wait time between the nomination and full vote by the Senate was just one day for the previous four administrations, but President Trump’s median was 25 days. President Obama had all but three appointees confirmed within two weeks of taking office.

The cabinet members began by introducing themselves and then made a few remarks about the honor of serving the President.

Why this Matters: Without exception, the mainstream media has denounced the meeting, calling it “surprisingly creepy” (MSNBC) and “the weirdest Cabinet meeting ever,” (CNN). Some have said the members remarks were “gush,” over-the-top, and like the “opening of ‘King Lear.'” 

How to Pray: Pray for the entire Trump cabinet: safety, wisdom, loyalty to the Constitution. Pray for the President that he might not lose hope or give up trying to do what God has put him in office to do.

Prov. 14:11 – The house of the wicked shall be overthrown: but the tabernacle of the upright shall flourish.


Trump Foes Out for Blood as Sessions Testifies

Attorney General Jeff Sessions will testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday about recent claims made by former FBI Director James Comey related to both the President and Sessions’ meetings with a Russian ambassador. Top Democrats and the Media are already calling for Sessions’ resignation, believing he has lied and violated the rules by not fully disclosing his dealings with the Russian.

Sessions recused himself from the Russia probe in March because of two meetings he had with Sergey Kislyak while serving as a Senator from Alabama.  These occurred while he was also advising the Trump presidential campaign in 2016. Sessions says one meeting took place in public at a large forum where the two men exchanged pleasantries, but has not relayed information about the other meeting.

Problematic is the fact that Sessions did not disclose these interactions during his Senate confirmation hearing. He claims the encounters were related to his work as a senator and not as a member of the Trump campaign.

There are two other questions Sessions may be asked: about his role in Comey’s firing, and an exchange he had with Comey after Comey’s Oval Office meeting with the President. In testimony before the Senate last week, Comey testified he was afraid of being left alone with the President. He said that he felt threatened by Trump’s request to stop investigating former NSA Michael Flynn for his supposed ties to the Russians–a claim which Trump denies.

Finally, in a closed door meeting with a Senate Committee, James Comey reportedly suggested there was a third meeting between Sessions and Kislyak. That will likely come up in Tuesday’s hearing.

Why this Matters: This is fresh meat for those who want to destroy the President and his administration. Although there is no rule against having interactions with foreign ambassadors, the details are to be reported on a form that is reviewed by the Senate before a cabinet member is confirmed. 

How to Pray: Ask God to give Jeff Sessions wisdom as he faces a hostile group on Tuesday. May his words be truthful and may he stand firm against his foes.

Prov. 14:3 – In the mouth of the foolish is a rod of pride: but the lips of the wise shall preserve them.


NSA Leaker Denied Bail

The NSA contractor who leaked classified material, Sara “Reality” Winner, was denied bail in an Augusta, Georgia, courtroom on Thursday. Prosecutors said she wrote in her notebook that she planned to burn down the White House. She is also fascinated with ISIS and wrote that she wanted to pledge her allegiance to the Taliban.

Why this Matters: One question. How is it that this Trump hater and subversive come to possess a Top Secret security clearance? It’s hard to come up with a answer that makes sense, other than she was put there on purpose.

Pray that the investigators will get to the bottom of this! Pray for justice and that this young woman will have the veil removed from her eyes, that she realizes the severity of her situation and turn to God.


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