Republican Karen Handel Wins Seat in Georgia

Karen Handel, Steve Handel

After spending $30 million dollars, the Democrats lost the contest for Georgia’s sixth district, a seat once held by House Leader Newt Gingrich. This was the most expensive special election in history, with Democrat Jon Ossoff, a 30-year-old former congressional staffer and filmmaker running against Republican state representative Karen Handel. Ossoff doesn’t live in the sixth district, and Handel famously asked him during a debate, “who will you vote for?” knowing he wasn’t eligible to vote.

This was the third special election this year, and the fourth seat that the Republicans were able to retain. The seat was vacated by Rep. Tom Price, who was chosen by President Trump to serve as Secretary of Health and Human and Services. The final vote was Handel over Ossoff, 51.4 to 48.6 percent.

Why this Matters: The Democrats tried to blame the loss on bad weather, but reluctantly have begun to admit that just maybe they don’t have a message and they might to re-evaluate who they want to lead the party. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi were mysteriously silent on Wednesday…

The President held a rally in Iowa on Wednesday night, in part to summarize the campaign promises he has kept, and also to talk about the upcoming vote on the healthcare bill.

Not much is known about the new legislation, but it’s likely to have the support of most conservatives. Although the whole idea of the government redistributing wealth in order to fund healthcare isn’t conservative, it is hard to wind back the clock to pre-Obamacare.

How to Pray: Thank God for a conservative victory in Georgia! Pray that the Congress will repeal Obamacare and may the Lord lead them as they develop new legislation.


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