Saudi Arabia King Names Son in Succession Shake-up


King Salman bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia announced he will be succeeded by his son, 31-year-old Mohammad bin Salman. This is considered a shake-up, as Salman bypassed his nephew, a 57-year-old security chief who led the Saudi campaign against ISIS and al Qaeda. The new king will have sweeping powers as he takes over from his 81-year-old father.

Mohammed bin Salman is reported to be a driving force behind the recent decision to blockade Qatar, and superintended the war in Yemen. He has also rejected dialogue with Iran, accusing them of trying to prepare for the arrival of the “Imam Mahdi” (their savior) by controlling the Muslim world, starving the Iranian people, and depriving them of modernization.

President Trump visited the kingdom last month and called the new King on Wednesday to congratulate him. The two discussed the priority of cutting off all support for terrorists, as well as how to resolve the ongoing dispute with Qatar.

Why this Matters: The King’s choice possibly signals that the Saudis will take a stronger stand against against their rivals. Relationships are already very stressed between the Saudis and Iran, and Iran is continuing to develop and test nuclear weapons. Some analysts believe they could attack at any moment.

Continue to pray for peace in the Middle East, for the Lord to guide our President, and that believers in Jesus will be faithful, not fearful in the days ahead.

Luke 12:32 – Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.


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