Is the Deep State in Trouble with the Appointment of a New Coms Director?



Obfuscate, Refuse, ‘Rezist’ are the bywords of the Deep State–establishment employees and Clinton/Obama holdovers that are determined to control government no matter who we elected as president. They are aided and abetted by their brethren in the media. In fact, these two elements are tied so closely, one wonders who is directing whom. Together, they make sure that the U.S. is always at war and we the people no longer have a say in how we are governed.

The Deep State, it seems, is going nowhere but has power everywhere. Its roots run so deep, it will take more than four or eight years of Donald Trump to rout them out.

Sit down with a conservative federal employee who has been around a while, and you will learn about “workers” who sleep through the work day, paper pushers who make sure nothing gets approved (and whatever is approved gets stalled in its implementation), and the frustration of getting Trump’s personnel seated while fighting the hostile approval process. The Deep State–who has members from both political parties–will “rezist” (a sign in one window) not just the President, but the will of the people, by playing games with the truth.

The media is loud and repetitive when it comes to allegations against the President or his team, but curiously silent when the story line threatens their higher-ups. What else would explain the lack of reporting on a historical bust of sicko criminals? Earlier this month during the G-20 Summit, a huge sting operation in Berlin netted the exposure of 87,000 people involved in a child porn network. The platform “Elysium” on the Darknet, a hidden part of the Internet, was used by these deviants to exchange videos and images of children being physically and sexually abused. Some of the victims were toddlers. Arrangements were also made for trafficking of these children.

Shouldn’t this have been headline news in the U.S.? It was not reported even once on the major media, yet the G-20 summit was supposedly “thrown into disarray” after key members of at least two European delegations were held by police in connection with this sick criminal enterprise.

Closer to home, the FBI spied on people through their home computers to take down a Darknet platform called Playpen and its 58-year-old American creator earlier this year. There were 150,000 active pedophiles associated with his site, yet it was scarcely covered by the press.

What could be the reason for the silence? People at the top of these media outlets make the decisions on what not to cover–perhaps because there are people with secrets they must protect.

But no so for the spilling of U.S. State secrets. For the past year, the contents of private and classified conversations related to Donald Trump and his administration have been leaked and published ad nauseum. We don’t know which, if any, of these leaks are true, because the source is always unnamed, unofficial, and anonymous. This is despite the fact that some of the leaks have been illegal or even treasonous.

President Trump is very angry about the leaks and “fake news” and has used Twitter to express his opinions. As much as we sometimes wish he were more judicious in his tweets, thank God Trump has a way around the media.

This past week, the President made a big step in tightening the ship and fighting back against the Deep State. He announced the appointment of Anthony Scaramucci, a Wall Street financier and entrepreneur, to the position of White House Communications Director. Sean Spicer, who had been the President’s press secretary, then promptly resigned. There are many who are quietly relieved, believing that Spicer was more devoted to the establishment Republican party than to the President. Scaramucci made the rounds on the Sunday news shows, promising to clean house and fire anyone who is caught leaking stories to the press.

Well, it’s about time. One hopes this will be the beginning of a leaner, meaner, more professional turn for the administration. Like David who honed his army to just a few fighting-ready men, the President may find that emptying the ranks will give him the victories that he and the country need.

How to Pray: That the leakers will be caught, exposed and expelled. Pray for the President’s agenda to move forward, despite the Deep State’s efforts. Pray for AG Jeff Sessions as he goes after human traffickers in the U.S. (and he and the President have promised to do).

Ask God to give lawmakers wisdom to repeal and reform healthcare. Pray for creativity and sound judgment for Christians in office and that they will respond to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

Pray for every elected official’s safety, health, and blessings as they do the right thing for our nation.

  • Republican Senator John McCain announced that he has an aggressive form of brain cancer. The senator is a former Viet Nam prisoner of war and an outspoken critic of President Trump. Pray for the Senator and his family, pray that they might find salvation in Jesus.
  • The Trump Administration released a report saying Iran has been complying with the “nuclear deal” crafted by the Obama administration in 2015. However, Trump officials say they remain dissatisfied with the flawed deal and are concerned with Iran’s malign policies, which violate the spirit of the agreement. Therefore, the U.S. has leveled sanctions against Iranians and organizations linked to illicit procurement of equipment or technology for Iran’s military. The administration must certify compliance every 90 days. The last certification was in April.


Tensions Rise in Israel: Family Brutally Murdered

A family of five was brutally attacked by a Palestinian who says he was reacting to the recent installation of metal detectors at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Jewish family had gathered to celebrate the birth of a grandchild and were having their Shabbat dinner on Friday at their home in the West Bank when a 20-year-old Palestinian man entered armed with a knife. He stabbed the father and two of his adult children to death, and wounded four others, before a neighbor came to their rescue and shot the attacker. The grandchildren were taken from the room and hidden and were unharmed.

Prior to the murders, the attacker wrote on Facebook “there is no life after what is seen in Al-Aqsa,” referring to the metal detectors Israeli officials have installed outside the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount after two police officers were killed there. Officials say this is the third terrorist attack inspired by the events at Al-Aqsa. Three hundred people were recently wounded in protests held in response to the new measures.

Hamas, a Palestinian terror organization, expressed support for the attack. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ordered the suspension of all official contact with Israel until it removed these new security measures.

Why this Matters: Metal detectors were installed to protect visitors to the Temple Mount, on which sit holy sites for Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Currently, Hamas honors terrorists by paying them for killings and giving them homes after they conduct heinous attacks against Jews.

How to Pray: For the family to heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Pray for the leaders in Israel as they work to balance safety with freedom. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

Ps. 122: 4-7 – Jerusalem is builded as a city that is compact together: Whither the tribes go up, the tribes of the LORD, unto the testimony of Israel, to give thanks unto the name of the LORD. For there are set thrones of judgment, the thrones of the house of David. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee. Peace be within thy walls,
and prosperity within thy palaces.


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