Trump’s Dilemma


President Trump is facing some very difficult circumstances, and some wonder if he has found himself in a “kill box” from which there is no escape. It has to do with the supposed Russian collusion in the election, and it began with an investigation of Hillary Clinton. During the campaign, Trump argued that a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Clinton, and the tables soon turned on him.

Here is a brief summary:


James Comey

Comey began investigating Hillary Clinton in 2015 for her use of a private, illegal, email server. Nine months later, Comey announced there would be no charges against Clinton, but said she had been “extremely careless.” Three months later and just two weeks before the election, Comey re-opened the Clinton investigation, only to report two days before the election that his original decision not prosecute stands.


An investigation into Russian interference in the election was begun under President Obama, led by James Comey, the FBI Director. President Obama came out in October, a few weeks before the election, and said that according to our intelligences agencies, the Russians had not meddled.

Then came the surprise of the century when Trump won. No one seemed to remember the President’s statement about Russian collusion, and the narrative was pushed forward by the media, Democrats, and certain Republicans, that Russia had interfered. FBI Director Comey continued to investigate.


Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions was appointed by the new President as Attorney General and General Michael Flynn as an adviser. It was alleged by the press that both had secret conversations with the Russians. Flynn resigned. He had spoken with the Russian ambassador in December, which was not illegal, but the leaking of details of his conversation and the “unmasking” of Flynn’s identity was illegal.

Jeff Sessions admitted he had several conversations with Russian officials and decided to recuse (excuse) himself from heading up the investigation and therefore Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein assumed authority.


In March, James Comey confirmed that the FBI was still conducting an investigation. He told Trump privately three separate times that he was not the target of that investigation, but he would not say it publicly. Trump chose to fire Comey after his May appearance before a Senate committee.


Rod Rosenstein

Rod Rosenstein then appointed Robert Mueller as special counsel to take on the investigation. 

Mueller, a former FBI Director, has hired a large staff of lawyers to do the digging. Most of them are Clinton allies who have given large sums to her campaigns. They are also white collar crime specialists who are would know how to look through Trump’s tax returns.

The most recent problems for the President are those he has brought on himself by tweeting out his displeasure at Jeff Sessions’ recusal. He also said during an interview that if he had known Sessions would recuse himself, he’d never have hired him.




Robert Mueller

Why this Matters: When a special counsel is hired, they are supposed to be given parameters for an investigation. In America, we first find a crime, then go after the criminal. In this case, the special counsel has the criminal, now he must go find the crime.

What can the President do? Maybe the question should be, what can’t he do: He cannot fire Sessions, who is a favorite with conservative voters, and who has also proven very effective in his job. Sessions has the full backing of Congress and Trump has been threatened by certain Senators that they will not approve anyone as a replacement.

Trump cannot direct Rosenstein to fire Mueller. It would look like Watergate all over again, and even with Mueller gone, his prosecutors and investigators would carry on without him while they wait for Rosenstein to appoint a replacement.

Mueller seems willing to go as far and deep as necessary to find something, anything, to justify an indictment of the President. And Rosenstein refuses to restrict the investigation. The best hope for the President is that God intervenes. Otherwise, what could come next is another Nixon-like impeachment and resignation, or perhaps a Clinton-type impeachment without a resignation.

How to Pray: For God’s intervention, for mercy for our country, for a way of escape. Let us do according to Romans 12:12 – Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, continue instant in prayer for our President and our nation.


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