Five Issues for Prayer


1. Russia Sanctions go into Effect

President Trump signed the Russian sanctions bill, saying it was “flawed.” Former Senator Ron Paul commented that he thought Trump was pressured into signing, and said it’s a terrible bill. Paul also said there was more interest in the two countries working together under the old Soviet Union days. Trump ran his campaign on bettering the relationship between the U.S and Russia.

Pray for improved relations and the end to the “Russia collusion” story.

2. U.S. Tests Missile Amid NK Missile Launches

The U.S. tested an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile on Wednesday in the midst of increased tensions with North Korea. A statement by the U.S. Air Force said that the test demonstrated that the nuclear program is safe, secure, effective, and ready to deter enemies. The test was the fourth this year.

Despite major objections from numerous countries, North Korea has continued to test its missiles. An Air France jet carrying 343 passengers from France to Japan flew directly over the splash down site of the latest test on Friday within ten minutes of the splash down. Even though Air France commented that they were monitoring the airline’s routes for hostile activity, it would be tragic for a wayward missile from a country just in the development stages of ICBMs to strike an innocent aircraft.

Pray for a de-escalation of rhetoric and missile testing. Thank God nothing was hit in NK’s latest test.

3. Three Pieces of Good Economic News

The Dow Jones industrial average break a new record, reaching above 22,000 for the first time. The President brought out his this good news on Wednesday, and also touted new numbers showing the U.S. is at the lowest unemployment rate in 17 years. A third cause for cheer was a 2.6 percent growth in Gross Domestic Product from the first quarter to the second quarter this year–the average is 2.1 percent. Experts say that by cutting regulations, the President has contributed to the ability for companies to hire more workers, buy more equipment, and for their stocks to gain value.

Pray for the Congress and President to come together on the issue of lower tax rates and that a tax relief bill will soon be ready for a vote.

4. Trump Announces Merit-Based Immigration Bill

President Trump rolled out new immigration legislation on Wednesday flanked by Republican Senators Tom Cotton (R-AK) and David Perdue (R-GA). The Raise Act aims at curbing legal immigration and places preference on extended family members and adult children of U.S. citizens. It favors those who possess skills that will benefit the economy, can speak English, and are financially able to support themselves and their families. The bill caps the number of visas at 50,000, half of President Obama’s target. The President said the bill will reduce poverty, increase wages, and save taxpayers billion and billions of dollars. There are four or five GOP senators and all Democrats who are expected to keep it from passing.

Pray for the passage of the bill.

5. Two Servicemen Give their Lives

The U.S. lost two service members on Wednesday in Afghanistan when the Taliban attacked a NATO convoy, ramming it with a car full of explosives.

ISIS in Afghanistan attacked a Shia mosque, killing 30 people.

Pray for the families and friends of these brave men. Pray for the President and his advisers to formulate a God-directed plan for the U.S. relationship with Afghanistan.


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