Clinton/DNC Paid for Fake Trump-Russia Dossier

New evidence shows Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee paid to have a phony “dossier” created to destroy Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The dossier is a completely made-up account of prostitutes visiting Trump’s Moscow hotel room and urinating on the bed. The Clinton campaign team and the DNC hired Fusion GPS for this “opposition research,” and they hired a former MI6 officer (British spy) who had worked in Russia.
The first to pursue this strategy was an unidentified GOP donor. When he or she stopped funding the research, the Clintons and the DNC picked up the tab, and after they abandoned it, the FBI funded Fusion GPS.
In the final stages of the campaign and especially after Trump was elected, the Democrats and the mainstream media promoted the idea that the Russians stole or influenced the election so that their candidate (Trump) would win.
Now we have learned where the idea came from in the first place and how they concocted false evidence to back it up.
Four other very damaging stories regarding Clinton, Mueller, and the Obama administration have surfaced regarding the sale of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to the Russians. We have written about some in previous newsletters; here is a recap with new details added:
1. The Obama administration gave visas to a Russian official involved in the sale of U.S. uranium to Russia, even though they had evidence he was a blackmailer and money launderer. The visa was issued in 2011 and renewed in 2014, after the FBI reported to the administration about his illegal activity.
2. The Russian bank that paid Bill Clinton $550,000for a 20-minute speech was connected to Vladimir Putin and had financial interest in Uranium One.
3. Russian spies tried to gain access to Hillary and Bill while she was Secretary of State. One Russian spy was successful in getting a job with a major democratic donor, but was eventually found out, arrested, and deported.
4. House Republicans are now launching an investigation of the sale of uranium. They plan to interview an FBI confidential informant who can give extensive evidence proving Obama, Holder, Mueller, Rosenstein, and others knew that Russians were working to corner the market on uranium and also knew about the bribery, money laundering and donations to Clinton’s foundation that went with it.
Another committee will investigate Clinton’s mishandling of at least 110 classified documents–which is a violation of the Espionage Act. Also targeted is James Comey, who drafted a letter exonerating Hillary of wrongdoing before he had interviewed key witnesses related to the email server scandal.
Why this Matters: It is now evident that former FBI Director Robert Mueller, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former FBI Director James Comey and former Attorney General Eric Holder were complicit in covering up the Uranium One deal.
How absurd that Rosenstein is the one who appointed Mueller as Special Counsel to look into the supposed Trump-Russia collusion! Is it possible that Mueller was put in place to do the “mop up” and make sure his investigation steered clear of the real culprits? And where is Attorney General Jeff Sessions? He seems curiously absent from the important business of the justice department after recusing himself from the Trump-Russia investigation. One wonders if it’s possible that Sessions was threatened to stay out of it.
For an excellent overview of this story (and my source for much of it), see this opening monologue of Sean Hannity on October 24.
Meanwhile, the President has criticized the media for not reporting on the good things he has accomplished. Here is a partial list:
  • Confirmed pro-life Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court
  • Stock market at all-time high
  • Fewest jobless claims since 1973
  • Manufacturing jobs highest level in 8 years
  • unemployment at 16-year low
  • gutted Obamas regulations
  • ended war on coal
  • took U.S. out of Climate change agreement
  • signed executive order to protect religious freedom
  • authorized construction of Keystone Pipeline
  • Banned lobbying for government employees (must wait 5 years after service)
  • Donated his salary to improve military cemeteries
  • Reduced White House Payroll by $5 million
  • Food stamps use lowest in 7 years
At this point in his administration, Trump is still waiting for 229 appointees to be confirmed (175 are confirmed and in place), yet Obama had 359 confirmations and just 164 were waiting. For some reason, the Republican-controlled Senate is reluctant to confirm the President’s appointees.
How to Pray: That Jeff Sessions will appoint a replacement for Robert Mueller as Special Counsel, that our lawmakers will refuse to stop until the full story has been exposed. Pray for the President and that God will continue protecting him, his family, and his position in the White House. Pray the Senate will get busy confirming his appointees.
Dan. 5:21 – The Most High God rules in the kingdom of men, and appoints over it whomever He chooses.

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