We the People: Winning with  Trump’s Conservative Agenda 


President Trump had a busy week implementing his agenda. He imposed tariffs, threatened gun confiscations, met with lawmakers plus parents and students from Parkland, Florida, and with the leadership of the NRA. He held an opioid summit and spoke at Billy Graham’s funeral–and was the only President to attend; neither Obama, Bush, Clinton nor Carter bothered to go.

Some of the items were outright wins for a conservative agenda, while others could be fake-out moves from a master strategist.

Trump promised to sign into law tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum. This affects imports from China and other countries. Trump tweeted that because of the $800 billion trade deficit, he has no choice but to protect the steel industry in this way and said “trade wars are good and easy to win.” The stock market took a 3.5 percent hit, but it is still up 4,000 points since the election.

Some conservatives were concerned when the President talked about “maybe” taking guns away from mentally ill people, and worrying about due process afterwards. Others say this was just a bluff, like giving amnesty to DACA recipients (illegal children who came in under Obama’s program). Trump knows that the Democrats will not make a deal on anything, but in the meantime they look like the obstructionists and even have begun fighting with their base.

Solidly in the “win” category:

  • U.S. manufacturing is expanding at its fastest rate since May 2004
  • Export orders are at their highest since April 2011
  • Consumer confidence is at its highest since 2000
  • Unemployment filings are at the lowest level in 48 years
  • Black homeownership is at the highest level in history

Trump made a deal with Boeing for production of Air Force One aircraft. It wasn’t the deal he hoped for, but still saved $1.4 billion.

On the immigration front:

  • A federal judge sided with the Trump administration, rejecting an attempt to stop the building of the wall on the southern border.

Immigration agents are working to capture and remove illegals, despite the efforts of so-called sanctuary cities. Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned illegals one day ahead that ICE would be sweeping through the city. This allowed about 800 criminal illegal immigrants to escape.

Even so, during four days of raids, ICE netted 232 illegals; 115 of them had prior felony convictions for serious or violent offenses.

The Mayor said the sanctuary city had not broken any laws, yet analysts believe she should be charged with obstruction of justice. ICE officials say her actions made their work more difficult and more dangerous.


The President cut funding to rebel fighters and the Kurds in Syria. He stopped military training programs and has taken much control away from the CIA who was running them. As a result, ISIS is nearly gone. The Kurds who were depending on U.S. help are now turning to Syrian President Assad.

Why this Matters: This is a developing situation. Syria, Russia and Iran are allies and the stories coming out of the area on the MSM and even Fox News cannot be trusted. Just pray for God to guide the President and for His will to be done there.

Trump spoke at the Gridiron Club on Saturday and said he is willing to talk to North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un. Since the Olympics began and the U.S. set aside our military drills with South Korea, Kim hasn’t fired any missiles.

Why this Matters: The Heritage Foundation, a trustworthy conservative source, released a report saying that 64 percent of the Trump agenda is already complete. Remember that he has only been president for thirteen months–and he is still waiting for almost half of his appointees to be approved by the Senate. 

Trump has been able to deliver despite the MSM and Democrat efforts to destroy him any way they can. The headlines last week, driven by 4 a.m. memos from the heads of the Deep State or Shadow Government were these: Low morale at the White House! Chaos at the WH! Trump’s inner circle is a disaster! Trump is obstructing justice! Trump will be impeached! Trump should just resign!

The resist movement has made DC even less productive. Portions of the defense department and the state department are working against the President and pushing their own agenda. And even though the Russian collusion narrative has collapsed, CNN, MSN, and the rest continue to say the arrest of Trump or his team are just around the corner.

How to Pray: Father, thank You for putting a clean-up crew, headed by the President, in office. Give every person who is working for righteousness a firm path to walk in. Let every person who is working against truth fall in the pits they’ve dug for others. Wake up the sleeping and help us be ready for whatever this week brings. Protect our President and keep him humble, in Jesus’ name!
Ps. 7:15  – He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.

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