Kim to Suspend Strikes, Shut Down Nuclear Test Site


A Korean source says as a show of good faith for the upcoming meeting with President Trump, Kim Jong-un will suspend nuclear and missile tests and shut down a nuclear test site. The date and place for the summit have not yet been named.

On Thursday, North Korea dropped its demand that U.S. troops stationed in South Korea leave the peninsula. This comes after it was revealed that Mike Pompeo, former CIA chief and currently nominated as Secretary of State, visited North Korea over the Easter weekend. The two Koreas will be meeting soon to discuss officially ending the Korean War which began in 1950.

Why this Matters: North Korea has not fired a missile since November, and this appears to be a major victory for President Trump, the American people, and the world.

Praise the LORD! Keep the upcoming negotiations in prayer.

James Comey Now Under Investigation

The Inspector General will be investigating whether two of the seven memos written by former FBI Director James Comey contained classified information. Comey said he wrote the memos after his meetings with the President, then leaked them to a friend, and directed him to give them to the press.

  • According to Comey, Trump said it would be good to find out who interfered in the election, but he hadn’t done anything and he hoped Comey would find a way to convey to the world that Trump wasn’t being investigated.
  • Comey told the President he would always get “honest loyalty” from him, but Comey says the President just wanted loyalty.
  • In his testimony before Congress, Comey said that he wrote the memos in such a way that nothing would “trigger a classification.” This doesn’t square with what he wrote in the first memo: “I am not sure of the proper classification here so have chose[n] secret.” There were eight pages of classified information.
  • Comey told the President, “I don’t leak, I don’t do weasel moves.”
    He alleges the President expressed a desire to imprison journalists, was concerned about the phony dossier, and told Comey that Vladimir Putin boasted to him about prostitutes.
  • Comey calls his leaking “entirely appropriate,” in order to get the information “into the public square.” Comey says he considered the memos personal rather than government documents, and told Congress that he wrote them and authorized their release to the media “as a private citizen,” even though was FBI Director at the time.

On Friday, President Trump tweeted:

“James Comey Memos just out and show clearly that there was NO COLLUSION and NO OBSTRUCTION. Also, he leaked classified information. WOW! Will the Witch Hunt continue?”

GOP Committee Chairmen Respond

After receiving full and redacted versions of the memos, chairmen of three House committees who are looking into the matter issued a statement. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) called the Mueller investigation a farce based on a flimsy document, and said the investigation is politically motivated. Their statement also says:

  • Comey’s leak to the press was illegal, according to the FBI Freedom of Information officer David Hardy. Hardy said that all seven memos were classified at the time they were written, and remain so.
  • Trump made clear he wanted a full investigation of collusion, coordination, and conspiracy between his campaign and Russia.
  • Trump wanted the unsubstantiated allegations against him to be cleared.
    They also pointed out these inconsistencies:
  • Comey never felt obstructed or threatened, but has political standards and treats Trump differently than Obama, Clinton, and others. Comey compared Trump to a mob boss and called him morally unsuited for office, yet was willing to work for him.
  • Comey was blind to biases within in the FBI and demonstrated terrible judgment with respect to deputy McCabe, who lied repeatedly under oath, yet Comey defended him to the President.
  • Comey had significant concerns about the fairness and objectivity of former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, yet took no steps to leak a memo in order to have her investigated, but he did this with Trump.
  • The final finding of the chairmen is that the memos would be Defense Exhibit A in a criminal case against Comey.

Why this Matters: The MSM is running with headlines claiming former FBI Director James Comey “dishes dirt on Trump in 15 pages of memos,” and he found the President’s statements “so unnerving,” he had to write them down.

There is no indication in these memos that Trump is asking Comey to look the other way or do any sort of illegal activity. He did express his desire that Comey go easy on Michael Flynn, because he is a good guy.

We don’t really know if these memos reflect what really took place. Q suggests they were all written at the same time and Loretta Lynch directed what information they should contain because she was promised a seat on the Supreme Court. Trump tweeted when their existence was first known that Comey better hope there aren’t any recordings of their meetings.

Democrats File Suit Against Trump Campaign, Russia, WikiLeaks

The Democratic Party filed a lawsuit on Friday alleging there was a conspiracy between Trump, Russia, and WikiLeaks to change the outcome of the 2016 election. Q called this lawsuit “bait,” suggesting the Trump team will be using it to legally expose damning information about Democrats.

The Democrats are seeking millions of dollars in damages. The suit doesn’t name the President but names Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, and several others.

Trump tweeted his response:


In the original tweet, Trump mis-named Debbie Wasserman Schultz, but later re-tweeted the correction. According to Wikipedia, she often is known as “Wendy.”

The Trump campaign responded to the lawsuit. Brad Parscale, Campaign Manager wrote, “this frivolous lawsuit is a last-ditch effort to substantiate the baseless Russian collusion allegations by a nearly-bankrupt Democratic Party still trying to counter the will of the people in the 2016 presidential election. This civil lawsuit is completely without merit and will be dismissed in due time.”

He added, “There is a great deal the American public wants to know about the corruption of the Democrats… if the case goes forward, the DNC has created an opportunity for us to take aggressive discovery into their claims of ‘damages’ and uncover their acts of corruption for the American people.”

Some issues they will bring out in the discovery process:

  • DNC’s contribution to the fake dossier which was used to launch the phony investigation
  • The FBI was not allowed access to DNC servers during the Clinton email investigation
  • The conspiracy and collusion between DNC officials and Hillary Clinton to have her nominated instead of Sanders
  • Emails, personal decisions, budgets and opposition research directed by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Donna Brazile, Tom Perez, and John Podesta
Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 5.22.50 PM

Q posted this picture of a Canary Palm

Singing like a Canary?

“Smallville” actress Allison Mack has been arrested for being part of the NXIVM (pronounced Nexium) sex cult. Leader Keith Raniere was arrested several weeks ago at his villa in Mexico. Raniere allegedly kept women as slaves and branded his initials into their skin. Mack may have been used to find and groom other women for membership in the cult. She and Raniere both face at least 15 years to life in prison for human trafficking.

On Friday night, a Q post said that Allison Mack is singing like a canary and naming names of Hollywood bigwigs and people in local and federal government involved in human trafficking. The Standard Hotel, a helicopter crash earlier in the year, the Port of Long Beach, and the Mexican border are all related to the trafficking.

Pray for the end of the scourge of human trafficking, especially that of children.

Matt. 18:10 – Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for I say unto you, That in heaven their angels do always behold the face of my Father which is in heaven.


Thursday’s Praying Citizen carried an old story as though it were new. The report on the arrest of 700 people in a global human trafficking ring was from 2011. We regret the error.

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