End to the Probe by House Committee

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Friday morning, the Republican-led House intelligence committee officially ended its Russia probe. There was no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia, according to the committee’s final report. However, the report did find that Russia sought to sow discord in the U.S. through cyberattacks and social media.

The report was heavily redacted (blacked-out) and many of the redacted information was already public, such as witness names and previously declassified information, according to Rep. Mike Conway (R-TX).

The Democrats say the committee did not interview enough witnesses or gather enough evidence. They have vowed to continue their own investigation. Adam Schiff (D-CA) said it is their responsibility to insure the “Russians do not posses leverage over the President of the United States,” and released their own report on Friday.

The investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and probes led by the Senate intelligence and judiciary committees remain ongoing.

Flynn Vindicated?

Gen. Michael Flynn, who was fired as national security adviser by the President in 2017, was vindicated in the report. Agents didn’t think he lied to them–despite the fact that he pled guilty for making false statements to the FBI. This backs up the statement made by former FBI Director Comey (who has his own problems with lying) when he testified before Congress about the investigation. Comey said he believed that if Flynn gave any inaccuracies, they were unintentional. However, the public portion of the report doesn’t make clear where that information came from.

Last week, Trump defended Flynn as he castigated Comey, saying Flynn’s life has been “totally destroyed” while “shadey” James Comey can “Leak and Lie” and make “lots of money” from his newly released memoir.

Release of 49 Pages FBI Texts, GOP Says “Incomplete”

On Thursday, 49 pages of texts between FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok and his paramour DoJ lawyer Lisa Page were released. This was a tiny fraction of the 50,000 texts the two exchanged during the course of the investigation into Donald Trump.

  • The released texts cover December 2016 through the firing of James Comey in May 2017.
  • Important parts of the texts were redacted, raising more questions.
  • According to GOP Rep. DeSantis, chairman of the committee looking into the matter, Strzok and Page were using clean gmail, which functions like a drop box,
  • Drop box allows people to communicate by placing messages in a draft folder without sending them.
  • DeSantis says there is “gap after gap” in the 49 pages.

What has “Stealth” Jeff been up to?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified on Thursday about the investigation, saying it needs to end. “The president is concerned, the people are concerned. This thing needs to conclude.” He added that he would not appoint a second counsel to investigate deep state crimes, vowing to “be disciplined and stay within our rules, not appointing special counsels…” and avoid an “investigation that takes on a life of its own.”

After extreme pressure, Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation. He already inherited the ongoing probe by Inspector General Michael Horowitz into President Obama and Hillary Clinton, which had been previously squelched. Some suggest he cleverly maintains the illusion of doing nothing to prosecute the deep state. Since January, he revealed to Congress there has been:

  • An investigation of Hillary’s emails that Sessions said has been going on for months
  • Appointment Cody Hiland prosecutor of the Clinton Foundation charity in Little Rock
  • Investigation of the Uranium One scandal involving the sale of one-fifth of our uranium to Russia in a deal crafted under Secretary of State Clinton and Obama
  • Naming of John Huber as prosecutor of what Horowitz uncovered, and Huber having impaneled a grand jury

By seeming to “do nothing,” Sessions is forcing either Congress or the Inspector General to originate requests for investigations, according to Larry Schweikart. In Big League Politics, Scweikart wrote it’s as though Sessions is saying, “Well, you know, we’re just sittin’ over here at Justice drinkin’ our mint juleps when these guys request all these documents… [and we said] “Here you go, and we have many more you might want to see.”

More from Schweikart:

From early 2017, Jeff Sessions realized that he was engaged in both a legal/criminal battle and a public relations fight. He could never succeed in the former without simultaneously winning the latter. And for the PR offensive to work, Sessions could not be perceived as leading the charge or being aggressive. It worked out better than Sessions could have dreamed. As the DOJ received a criminal referral for Andrew McCabe in April 2018, James Comey-one of the most arrogant men ever to hold any office-released his book that had information in it that again prodded Congress to demand his private memos. Once again, after a public standoff, Sessions relented and handed over Comey’s memos, which incriminated him through his leaking of classified materials. Sessions had gotten McCabe and Comey to build their own gallows.

Why this Matters: The gallows that Haman meant for Modecia, the cousin of Queen Esther, became the gallows where Haman died. Wouldn’t it be astonishing if this is just the first indication that God is cleaning house in the same way?

Pray for God’s guidance and an end to the reign of the deep state. May all who are called to clean house do a job worthy of the Lord and for His glory!

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