Israel Says There’s Proof: Iran Lied


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a press conference in English on Monday, saying Iran brazenly lied about their nuclear program. He said he has proof that the Iranians continued to preserve and expand their nuclear weapons knowledge even after signing the agreement in 2015. They lied about their program in the late 90s and early 2000s and because they cannot be trusted, Netanyahu says the deal should be scrapped.

Israel obtained 55,000 pages of documents and 183 CDs of information from Iran’s nuclear archives. These were generated at a time that Iran said they didn’t have a nuclear program.

In 2017, Iran moved its nuclear weapons files to a secret location in Tehran. Netanyahu showed pictures and videos of those secret nuclear facilities and the documents and plans they used to develop the weapons.

The Prime Minister says they have nearly two tons of incriminating documents, charts, presentations, blueprints, photos, videos, and more. He said the information was shared with the U.S. and the U.S. verified it.

  • Iran’s Foreign Minister released a statement saying Israel is “fooling people.” He calls this a rehash of old allegations.
  • The UK and Europeans want to keep the deal.
  • Although Iran has the files, they haven’t reconstituted their program, according to Secretary of Defense James Mattis and international inspectors who say that Iran is complying with the agreement. Mattis adds that the deal was written knowing Iran would try to cheat.
  • President Trump set a May 12 deadline to decide whether to rectify the deal or pull out. He said, “I told you so,” about the evidence produced by Israel.
    The President On North Korea, Iran

At a press conference on Monday, the President suggested he might go to the Peace House on the border between North and South Korea to meet with Kim Jong-un in May. This is the same building Kim and South Korea’s Moon met in last week. Kim said he is willing to de-nuclearize if the U.S. promises not to strike his country.

  • North Korea has been on a separate time zone than South Korea, but recently announced they will join the South and be on the same time zone. South Koreans attach a great significance to this gesture. On Tuesday the South will dismantle their loudspeaker system used to blast propaganda into North Korea.
  • When asked if pulling out of the Iran nuke deal would harm the negotiations with Kim, Trump said no, this sends the right message. He called the new revelation of Iran’s lies “not an acceptable situation.”
  • President Moon of South Korea surprised many in the MSM by publicly stating he thought President Trump deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

Why this Matters: What’s new is the revelation of the vast amount of materials the Israelis have gathered. The Iranians could have “come clean” when dealing with the Obama administration but did not. This is a precarious situation and it looks like Israel may be trying to drag the U.S. into a war on Iran, Israel’s enemy.

Pray for the President as he considers his next moves.

More Strikes in Syria

Government outposts in northern Syria were hit on Sunday by missiles, killing 12+ pro-Assad fighters, many of them Iranians. There is no official confirmation of the death toll or what exactly was the target.

An earthquake-sized explosion at an arms depot and military area in Hama know as Brigade 47 was also reported. It was picked up by monitors as a 2.6 mag earthquake. The area is one of the largest bases housing Iranian-affiliated forces and equipment. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the explosion killed 26 and injured 60 others, while Iranian media gave varying reports–one said no one was killed; another said 18 died.

These incidents come as tensions have increased between Iran and Israel. There was no comment from Israel to either accept responsibility or deny it.

An airstrike earlier in April hit Syria’s T4 air base in Homs, killing seven Iranian soldiers. Iran has vowed to retaliate for that attack, which they blame on Israel.

From Q: The Trump insider group known as “Q” weighed in on the news about Iran. Q called this an authentic disclosure by Netanyahu and that France and Germany recently visited Trump for the sole reason of pressing him to remain in the nuke deal. What if the billions of dollars Obama sent Iran was shared with France, Germany and the UK? Q says we are sending Iran $250 billion twice a year and they are getting a 5% cut.

Q suggested:

  • Iran created a classified “satellite” nuke facility in Northern Syria and it never stopped making weapons.
  • Other bad actors are involved and the Obama administration knew this.
  • The nuclear material ended up in Syria and can be traced to Uranium One–the deal where the Obama administration sold 20 percent of our uranium to Russia for kick-backs to the Clinton Foundation.
  • Military from the U.S. or Israel hit the facility (the 2.6 mag earthquake) because it was receiving the nuclear material and was funded by the billions sent by Obama on pallets to Iran. Obama said this was part of a prisoner exchange and as reparation for funds left in U.S. banks by the Shah of Iran.
  • In 2015, Sen. John Barrasso, (R-WY) who is a member of both the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources and the Foreign Relations Committee, appeared to allege that uranium mined in the United States has illegally been taken out of the country. He said he was specifically concerned it ended up in Iran.
  • The same scenario was played out in the movie The Sum of All Fears, where the nuclear material used against the U.S. was developed in the U.S.!
  • If Russia or another foreign state could be blamed for supplying uranium to Iran/Syria that would be a reason for some to start a war. If the uranium used in Iran comes from the U.S., then it’s cover.

Q suggests we struck Syria to destroy the facilities that were using our own uranium. When the tests are completed, it will be traceable back to the source.

Q added that Trump declassified the connection between Syria/Iran and Uranium One and asks, “Where does EU fit in? SICK!” Was the EU using the threat of nuclear war to scam money off the Iran deal?

The final word was: “Patriots in control.” The annual Eager Lion military exercises between the U.S. and 12+ other countries in the Middle East that just began are no coincidence. Secretary of State Pompeo arrived in Jordan on Sunday and Q says “assets are in place.” Iran is to be cleaned up next, according to Q’s earlier posts.

Pray for God’s leadership and guidance. This is a potentially dangerous situation. If Q is wrong, we could be seeing the beginning of another war. Remember that God will take care of His own. Take your peace in the Lord. We are safe in Him.

John 14:27 – Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.


Caravan Reaches Border, Migrants Defiant

Central American refugees reached the U.S. border on Monday, some of them scaling the fence and taunting U.S. border officials, shouting “Gracias Mexico!” They also chanted “Yes we can!” in Spanish, echoing Obama’s campaign slogan.

More than 200 refugees made it to the border from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala, a fraction of the 1,500 that began the journey. Mexico has allowed these people to move unimpeded through the country, although at one point, the Mexican government urged them to return home.

President Trump tweeted last week that the caravan will not be allowed to enter the country. However, immigration lawyers say the U.S. has a legal duty to hear the asylum-seekers’ claims. The quantity of refugees has overwhelmed the capacity of the San Ysidro Port of Entry, and the refugees may need to wait in Mexico.

Vice President Pence was at the California border and said when space opens up, we will process those who are seeking asylum. He added, “These laws have to change.”

The Supreme Court is considering the third version of the travel ban effecting five majority-Muslim countries.

Why this Matters: Some in the evangelical community, such as Beth Moore, have used Matthew 25:31-46 to say that we have an obligation to accept everyone into our country and feed and clothe them. They decry border enforcement, and even go so far as to suggest that Christians who want secure borders and to deport illegals are going to hell.

World Relief and other groups, including George Soros-affiliated organizations are given federal grants to resettle immigrants into the U.S. The Capitol Research Center documents how foundations and other nonprofits often raise money for charitable causes but then use the money to “get involved in politics and advocacy, often in ways that donors never intended and would find abhorrent.”

We have poor of our own to take care of. Let’s do that first.

Pray for God’s intervention. Pray that if the courts and Congress will not follow the rule of law and the Constitution, the Lord will force them to do so.


  1. Erin Townsend says:

    As always, thank you for a great write up on today’s news! I pray someone look into Beth Moore’s donors and background. Who she is affiliated with. There must be a money trail there with all this nonsense she promotes.


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