Six Strange Details Surface During IG’s Testimony


Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified before a House committee this week. While he was being grilled about his investigation into the conduct of agents while looking into Hillary’s illegal use of a private email server, several strange new details surfaced:

1. Horowitz called former FBI Director Comey “insubordinate,” but refused to suggest that the highly biased employees at the FBI and DoJ–who hated Trump and said they would prevent him from being president–conducted a biased investigation. In fact, he defended his position while agreeing that their hatred of Donald Trump and their bias was extraordinary.

2. FBI agent Peter Strzok has been identified as the lead investigator in change of both the Russia collusion probe and the investigation into Hillary’s use of an illegal email server. The text where he said “we will stop it” (Trump’s presidency) was not given to lawmakers until the final report came out, although they received other texts in the same string. Horowitz said he didn’t know why, then blamed it on a technical glitch.

3. A week ago, Strzok was escorted out of the FBI. He has also lost his security clearance, but still has a job. “To be escorted out of the building before the OPR investigation is completed and a decision is rendered is fairly extraordinary,” according to former FBI special agent and spokesman John Iannarelli.

4. Strzok is claiming to be a victim. Strzok’s lawyer stated to lawmakers that Strzok is the victim of unfounded personal attacks and politicians should not call for him to be fired. Strzok has offered to testify before Congress willingly and without a subpoena, however, lawmakers said they will subpoena him anyway.

5. The official FBI reports may have been altered. Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) told reporters that FBI agents’ records of the interviews with Hillary in the Russia probe, the 302s, were altered. Meadows also suggested the reports on former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn were changed to improve his chances of being prosecuted.

6. Trump-hating attorneys work with Mueller. A report in the Gateway Pundit said that two of the three unnamed agents who authored messages ridiculing Donald Trump and professing their hatred for him are on the team of lawyers working for Special Counsel Robert Mueller. One of them, Kevin Clinesmith, may have written the message declaring, “viva le resistance.”

Why this Matters: This evidence more than warrants a complete shut-down of the Mueller investigation!

Keep praying for God’s intervention: the exoneration of the innocent and the punishment of the guilty.

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