The Moment Q Went Mainstream

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Q Anon is a truth movement that has finally gone mainstream. It began when an anonymous poster called “Q” began writing to people on the 8chan bulletin board. Q’s identity isn’t known except that he/she/they are inside the Trump administration and very close to the President. The posts on 8chan began in early November 2017. As of this writing, there are 1793 posts, with 3,000 “breads,” or batches of research based on the Q posts.

It works like this: Q posts a question or places a link to an open-source article on the internet. These act as prompts to send researchers scurrying to “dig” on stories and get to the bottom (or near the bottom) of the truth. The nuggets these researchers come up with are posted across the internet on Twitter, Reddit, and other outlets. The result is a bizarre connection of people, organizations and the commission of crimes on a worldwide scale.

These include:

  • Child trafficking, abuse in Hollywood and Washington DC
  • Stealing money through governments and foundations (charities)
  • Keeping the masses of people dumbed-down, uninformed, and compliant

The players are Hillary and Bill Clinton, the Obamas, CEOs and tech/social media titans, and many in the upper echelons of both the Democrat and Republican parties. Q has provided proof over and over that they’re people literally getting away with murder.

No more.

People are waking up. As the anonymous posters on the 8chan board like to say, “it’s happening.” According to Q, a memo is sent out at 4 a.m. every morning to all MSM outlets giving them their talking points.

  • Qanon was the 17th top-trending topic Wednesday on Twitter (Q indicated the ban was removed)
  • It’s no coincidence that Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet, and at the rally, Donald Trump told the audience, “I was probably in Washington, in my entire life, 17 times. True. 17 times. I don’t think I stayed over night. You know what I’m getting at, right?”
  • Q signs were prominent at Tuesday’s rally in Tampa where the President stumped for gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis.
  • On Wednesday, there were dozens of articles about Q in the Mainstream Media (MSM) denouncing it as a “bizarre,” “nasty,” “dangerous,” “cult,” and “insane conspiracy theory.”

Then, there was this picture on Patriots Fight, the board where Q’s messages are finally posted:

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 5.53.19 PM

Q post #1776, same code in photo under Trump’s signature.
Note the “Common Sense” quote by Adams.

To make things even more interesting, on Wednesday afternoon, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders remarked to reporters, “It’s like the cue [Q?]… you knew I was coming.”

  • A reporter broached the subject of Q by asking Huckabee Sanders if the President supports Q anon and fringe groups, suggesting they are violent trouble-makers.
    Sanders responded that the President denounces violence of any kind, but she did not go further.
  • Less than 10 people really know who Q is and only POTUS (Trump) can answer the question, Who is Q?
  • The next step will be to have Trump do just that.

On Wednesday’s The Five, Fox News resident Democrat Juan Williams says he saw “these Q anon people” at the rally and wonders why they are attracted to Trump. Greg Gutfeld responded: you get common sense people, and some fringe people. Gutfeld’s use of “common sense” could be a coincidence, but it links to Tuesday’s Q post #1776 with the “Common Sense” quote from John Adams.

Q’s next two posts were a 2015 email from billionaire Democrat donor Jim Steyer ( to top Clinton aide John Podesta. It was leaked by Wikileaks nearly a year ago. In it, Steyer asks Podesta in coded language to include him in a party where he would be serving “walnut sauce,” which is a term linked to sexual abuse of small children of color.

  • Either as a precaution, or to really stir things up, Q then asked that the two posts related to Steyer be taken down, saying it was not the right time; they’d be censored anyway.
  • Naturally, the posts went viral for the second time.

When WikiLeaks released the Podesta emails, it was the beginning of the “pizza gate” conspiracy theory. The FBI has a list of symbols and language used to identify types of victims and types of parties. Pizza is code for pedophilia. John Podesta’s emails are littered with code. There is no logical explanation for any of it, and that’s why pizza gate made headlines for a while, before lawsuits drove it to the backburner.

  • There is also evidence to implicate the other two Podestas. Tony Podesta, a prominent lobbyist, was featured in a Washington DC magazine. The photos of his home showed a very disturbing collection of artwork showing children being victimized.
  • Artist Alex Podesta creates demented images of grown men dressed as bunnies. Several feature these bunny-men holding toddler-sized bunnies hostage.

Note: It may sound far-fetched, but do a simple web search of “Podesta artwork” and there will be no little doubt that these men are sick–and very likely the worst kind of criminals.

Trump-Hating Steyer Brothers

Apparently, the hope of a Trump impeachment is still alive. Left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer, brother to Jim who sent the walnut sauce email (above story), is investing $110 million in Democrat candidates for the 2018 midterm elections in November. He wants them to rally around an “impeach Trump” platform. His NextGen organization combined with Need to Impeach will have 1,000 employees and 2,000 volunteers. They are targeting nearly 700,000 infrequent voters in the 63 most competitive House districts.

Steyer is implementing a parallel Democratic National Committee that will define the election issue his way, toward impeachment, as opposed to mainstream Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who have discouraged the idea. Strategist Joel Benenson said that when a campaign is based on impeachment, there’s an implicit acknowledgement that the incumbent (Trump) is going to win.

Notably, despite Steyer spending $75 million in the 2014 midterms, Republicans still took the Senate.

Donald Trump was busy Wednesday tweeting about the Mueller investigation into Trump-Russia collusion:

“Collusion is not a crime, but that doesn’t matter because there was No Collusion (except by Crooked Hillary and the Democrats)!”

The MSM narrative has now changed to “conspiracy to defraud the US” because collusion is not a crime, but conspiracy is treason.

In another tweet, the President said Attorney General Jeff Sessions:

“should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now. Bob Mueller is totally conflicted, and his 17 Angry Democrats that are doing his dirty work are a disgrace to USA!”

He referenced the 17 lawyers on Mueller’s team, most of whom are Democrats that contributed to Hillary’s campaign.

Update on the Mueller Investigation

Robert Mueller has found nothing against President Trump.

This is being slowly admitted in the MSM. This week, the Wall Street Journal carried an opinion piece by a former FBI special agent called, “What are the CIA and FBI Hiding?” The Boston Herald published an even more gutsy article, “FISA Documents Reveal FBI Collusion.”

However, Mueller was able to bring a case against Paul Manafort, Trump’s short-time campaign manager, for dirty deals that happened 15 years ago while working for the Podesta brothers. Tony Podesta has now been referred by Robert Mueller to federal prosecutors because he also worked in Ukraine without registering with the Justice Department.

  • Manafort’s trial for money laundering, tax fraud and unregistered foreign lobbying began this week.

Surprisingly, Department of Justice Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein gave the explicit approval for Mueller to probe and indict Manafort.

  • This was revealed when Manafort’s lawyers asked to have the charges thrown out because the appointment of Mueller exceeded authority, and was therefore defective.

A second astonishing revelation was that when Manafort was indicted for similar charges in 2010, the attorney who exonerated Manafort was Rod Rosenstein!

Judge TS Elliott has a tight rein on the proceedings. He has prohibited the use of the term “oligarch” because it has dark connotations; an oligarch is similar to any billionaire such as George Soros or the Koch Brothers. Elliott also warned that Trump’s name and any reference to the Russia collusion investigation will not be allowed.

Why this Matters: Everything related to Manafort happened 15 years before he was campaign manager for Trump, and the judge knew this indictment was about squeezing Manafort so they could get “dirt” on Trump. Another Manafort trial commences next week in DC related to other financial crimes, which puts even more pressure on him to come up with something against President Trump.

Manafort remains in solitary confinement–which is unjust punishment for such crimes; the prosecution claims he tampered with witnesses. Trump seems to have Manafort’s back. He tweeted on Wednesday:

“Looking back on history, who was treated worse, Alfonse Capone, legendary mob boss, killer ‘Public Enemy Number One,’ or Paul Manafort, political operative & Reagon/Dole darling, now serving solitary confinement – although convicted of nothing? where is the Russian Collusion?”

Other News

  • Tommy Robinson, jailed for speaking out against Muslim criminals in England, was set free on Wednesday.
  • President Trump announced he is donating his $400,000 salary for this year to rebuilding military cemeteries.
  • President Trump has called for sanctions against two Turkish officials who are responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of American pastor Andrew Craig Brunson. Trump hopes that by blocking the officials’ access to American property and businesses, he will force them to release Brunson.

How to Pray:

Pray for Pastor Brunson’s release (may he convert many souls while in prison!)
Continue praying for an end to the fires in California.
Pray for Trump to have wisdom and understanding.
Pray for corruption to be revealed.
Pray for Christians to wake up! When God brings justice, may we all be blessed.

Deut. 32:4 He is the Rock, his work is perfect: for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth and without iniquity, just and right is he.

Ps. 89:14 Justice and judgment are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face.

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