Elites Move to Censor all Opposition


People who are trapped in a cult are taught not to ask questions. They may wonder about coincidences but dare not voice an opposing thought. They’ve seen what happens when someone stands up to the elite leadership–their characters are impugned and their suspicions are trashed. It works really well to keep the others in line. “Be quiet, or this will happen to you, too.”

A large-scale example of this is Nazi Germany or fascist Italy, where tyrannical governments oppressed the people. Today in America we have a fascist movement by the media elite, squashing their opposition and distorting the truth using the most convenient and powerful weapon at their disposal: communication platforms. 

On Thursday, President Trump revoked the security clearance of former CIA chief John Brennan, who has been caught lying multiple times. It is also becoming apparent that Brennan directed the illegal spying activities on the Trump campaign and is spear-heading the effort to destroy his presidency.

Brennan tweeted:

“This action is part of a broader effort by Mr. Trump to suppress freedom of speech & punish critics. It should gravely worry all Americans, including intelligence professionals, about the cost of speaking out. My principles are worth far more than clearances. I will not relent.”

The rest of the elite have joined in, including former government officials accusing Trump of vengeance.  In short, they are blaming Trump for what they themselves do on a regular basis. Psychologists call this blame-shifting “projection.” 

From Alex Jones to Republican candidates, from Praeger University (a conservative content-creator), to Christians making YouTube videos and Trump supporters opining on Twitter, all have felt the hand of Big Brother clamping down on their freedom of opinion. Censors twist the truth, then blame conservatives for what their side is doing. 

  • Case in point is Antifa, which describes itself as anti-fascist–although they embody fascism. Hiding behind masks, they loot and riot, destroying property and drawing the blood of their opponents. Antifa mobs accuse conservative black women of being white supremacists and make it their business to find and harass anyone who dares to stand up to them.
  • Antifa and their supporters–including Hillary Clinton and George Soros–practice radical authoritarianism. Through their “thought control” police in the media, they suppress opposition. And, like early fascists who took over Italy 100 years ago, they are working to gain control of industry and commerce. 
  • No wonder they hate Donald Trump, who seeks ways to bring industry back into the nation and wants to give the country back to the people.

At first these groups were working in secret, but they are now exposing their intentions: the removal of Trump any way they can. The next step is the midterm elections in November, which they hope will be a Democrat landslide. To help that along, they’re actively censoring GOP candidates on social media. This especially hurts the candidates’ outreach to millennials who get all of their “news” from a Google feed on their phones. 

Hope on the Horizon

There are several orders the President recently signed that signal things may soon change. 

  • Trump’s December 17, 2017 executive order states that serious human rights abuse and corruption is a national emergency. The order gives him the right to deal with that threat by arresting the abusers and seizing their assets.
  • His March 1 order gives him the authority to prosecute these federal crimes by military courts-martial. 
  • His January 30 order stipulates that the military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, will remain open for the current occupants and future terrorists. A large chunk of money was allocated to add to the complex.

Why this Matters: Q, the Trump insider who has been communicating with researchers since October, suggests these orders target certain personnel within the FBI, DoJ, CIA, State Department, White House, Senate, House of Representatives, and those who are “Chair/CEO/VP. Q suggests that the recently passed military budget, the largest in US history, will pay for these prosecutions. Researchers say they have found thousands of sealed indictments yet to be executed. 

Too Many Coincidences?

On Thursday alone, five airline flights were grounded due to bomb scares. Four originated in South America. A fifth was a German passenger jet flying from Egypt to Dusseldorf that made an emergency landing on the island of Crete. No bombs were discovered on any of the planes. 

Other crippled flights on Wednesday and Thursday:

  • A flight from Minneapolis to Rochester, Minnesota with 150 people on board made an emergency landing due to mechanical issues. 
  • A Frontier Airlines flight from Orlando to Philadelphia was forced to land at Raleigh, North Carolina. There were 230 passengers and seven crew members onboard. Eight people complained of illness; three were taken for treatment. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, who is also father of Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was also on the flight. He was not affected by illness.
  • An American Airlines flight from Charlotte to Chicago had to turn around because of mechanical issues.
  • On Wednesday, there was a blackout at Reagan airport in Washington, DC. The source of the problem has not been discovered.

The Jihadi compound in New Mexico was destroyed by authorities last week with a bulldozer. This is just a few weeks after police rescued 11 children and arrested five adults. The RV at the center of the compound has also been ripped out. This is not normal action at a recent crime scene. 

Personal physicians for both the Queen of England and George H.W. Bush were killed in cycling accidents. Dr. Peter Fisher, who attended Queen Elizabeth, was killed when struck by a truck while cycling in Central London this past week. 

Bush’s doctor, Mark Hausknecht, was fatally shot while riding his bicycle on July 20. When police confronted the shooter two weeks later, the killer, Joseph James Pappas, shot himself. He was an ex-cop who kept an extensive intelligence file on Dr. Hausknecht and had methodically targeted him. The doctor treated Pappas’ mother more than 20 years. 

Why this Matters: After the Kennedy assassination, the CIA came up with the term “conspiracy theory.” Since that time, people who question the official story about anything risk being labeled a conspiracy theorist. Although we all should do our own research and not just blindly assume that elements within our benevolent government is lying to us, at some point conspiracies aren’t just theories.

How to Pray: Pray for the safety of the President and all those who protect him, and for our law enforcers on every level. God hates lies and He hates it when people twist the truth to suit their purposes. Pray for people in America and worldwide to wake up and question the narrative the elites in media are feeding us. Pray for every Christian and conservative who is being censored that God restores our ability to fully communicate.

Prov. 3:32-33 – For the devious are an abomination to the LORD; But He is intimate with the upright. The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked. But He blesses the dwelling of the righteous. NASB

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