Six Reasons Why Trump Won’t be Impeached

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President Trump connects with an armless man the only way he can, by touching the man’s face

Where is Your Trust?

Fear is knocking at your door. It comes as impatience, pushing, demanding. When are we going to see these people tried for their crimes? We wait and wait, but it seems like nothing is happening.

Coming right behind fear and impatience is resignation. Defeatism. Giving up and letting them take over. It’s that voice that whispers in your ear, “Give up. It’s pointless. This must be God’s will.”

I have one word in response.


Who is the enemy? It’s Satan and his kingdom, the mastermind behind the Trump opposition. With the MSM (Mainstream Media) as their propaganda arm, they are doing everything they can to get us to give up. That’s why “impeachment” was mentioned 222 times on MSNBC and CNN the day after the two “guilty” Trump associates finished in court.

Instead, let’s go back to trusting the plan. God’s plan is that He wins, not evil. So who is on the side of God right now? It isn’t the MSM, the never-Trumpers, the Q Anon haters, the nay-sayers. Behind that way of thinking is a scoffing spirit–in my opinion, it’s the same one that the apostle Peter talked about related to Jesus’s return. It’s a spirit of impatience that turns to scoffing, which is a lack of faith.

On the other side is the “Great Awakening” movement–a slow understanding, not a “Great Instantaneous Knowing.” How dare we expect the great throngs of people who’ve been lulled to sleep to sit bolt upright and just believe?

Instead, let’s have faith, trust the plan, and when possible, gently share the facts.

Six Reasons: No Case for Impeachment

1. Paul Manafort was charged with crimes committed long before he was associated with Trump.

2. Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen arrived at a plea agreement, which means he agreed to plead guilty in order to get a lighter sentence. Cohen “admitted” to violating campaign finance laws–but in reality, no laws were violated.

3. Cohen’s payout wasn’t a crime, therefore Trump’s payout wasn’t a crime, no matter what the opposition says.

4. The FEC (Federal Election Commission) law is confusing. That’s why Bernie Sanders violated the rules in 2016; Obama paid a $375,000 fine for violations; and the FEC is even now being sued in US Federal Court for ignoring Hillary’s violation in 2016.

5. Bradley Smith, former FEC commissioner, teaches law. He said the violation has to be something that exists only because of a campaign and solely for that reason. Trump established a history of paying people off–for whatever reasons–way before his candidacy.

6. The FEC ruled in 2012 that hush money paid by Democrat candidate John Edwards to hide his extramarital affairs did not need to be reported.

It’s Hillary & Obama Who Should be Afraid

US Deputy Attorney Robert Khuzami–who was appointed by President Trump–orchestrated the raid on Cohen’s premises. Khuzami told press after Cohen’s plea that “no one is above the law.” To whom was he referring? It may be Clinton, Obama, et al, and not Trump!

Khuzami is a stalwart Republican. In 2005 he oversaw the lending of $604 million to Trump to build a hotel in Chicago. Brian Benczkowski, his partner at the law firm Kirkland & Ellis, worked on Trump’s transition team. He was later appointed by Trump as head of the criminal division at the DoJ and confirmed a few weeks ago. Others from that law firm have also been appointed by Trump to various government posts.

These Great Awakening posts from Q also suggest there’s more to this that’s been going on behind the scenes:

  • Jun 12 #1489 – The last big “push” of the opposition has been launched. They’ve tried using the MSM and intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic, to shut down the research board of the Great Awakening, but failed. People respond to logic and facts, which the Q team continues to supply; therefore the Q movement is a growing phenomenon. Even people who are asleep and attached to opinions, personalities, and group-think begin to catch on. The opposition is afraid. Their quiet attempts to silence the majority have become public and loud–like Q predicted–but they are losing control. In a good versus evil struggle, God/good eventually wins.
  • Apr 27 – #1287 – The FBI raided Cohen’s office, under the direction of Rod Rosenstein to collect information on the payout to Stormy Daniels. There is much more that was collected that can now be introduced legally as evidence to expose the Deep State. Look at the dozen or so resignations at the FBI and DoJ. Why? It’s not because they have the goods on the President; it’s because he has the goods on them.
    Remember, the Mueller investigation cannot drop Trump and continue to collect damaging information on the Deep State. US Attorney John Huber, who was appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is being helped by 470 federal attorneys. They have access to everything that Inspector General Michael Horowitz has discovered.

Think of Huber as a loaded gun. When should you fire a gun? When you’ve got the perfect shot. Timing is everything.

So what are we to do? Be patient. Wait upon the Lord. Pray

In the meantime, the Trump agenda is proceeding. The stock market continues to set records, minorities in America are experiencing the lowest unemployment in history, companies are able to move back to the US and invest, stifling regulations are rolled back, Americans have more money thanks to tax breaks, support for the President in the African American population is doubled, and Trump keeps appointing conservative judges. So much winning!

Fear not. The MSM is in its death throes. Donald Trump said it best: “if I do something well, it’s not reported… The New York Times cannot write a good story about me. They’re crazed. They’re like lunatics.”

How to Pray: Father, prepare our hearts for what’s to come. Just as You always forgive those who repent, soften our hearts to do the same–no matter how evil, despicable and gut-wrenching the sin. Thank You for bringing Your justice at the perfect time.

Jer. 32:27 – Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for me?

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